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Punish illegal wedding car issue 'land rover' ferret out electric batons - in the car Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
With the arrival of the wedding season, for the strengthening of the wedding car brand involved the strictly control of illegal behavior and crackdown no way car, 6, wedding car illegal renovation team official on duty. Only two days to investigate and punish the 5 serious illegal vehicles. And one of them land rovers because use false brand, false insurance post was investigated according to law, false inspection car, in addition, the police also found two pairs on the car not false license plate and a false registration. And seized the car seized a sawtooth wide knife and a large electric batons. 7, the control group after wedding fleet of 'problem'. 9, police in south straight road and changjiang road found a white found 3 type land rover has not suspended licences. , driving people to Eric wu to produce a car number for black A02744 CARDS, and CARDS in the rear of the vehicle identification number is consistent with the car's vehicle identification number. But police found in subsequent inspection, the vehicle paste suspected counterfeit of insurance mark and inspection car mark, and the car in the shelf, and annotations on the card is not consistent. Police also searched the car inside Beijing CF0412 and two deputy license plate and a printed with Beijing Beijing YCF137 YCF137 false registration. In addition a wide more than a foot long serrated knife and a large batons were seized from the car. If there is a number of traffic violation due to the car and driving people suspected of illegal carrying knives, police at the same time of the vehicles stranded, electric batons, will the parties Eric wu transfer district police station for further review. About 7, 11, a black size AS9567 Toyota accord was banned for applying other vehicle plate, ascertained that, after the vehicle real plate should be black A71776, on deck, drivers LouBaiCheng admitted to pressure line, into a lamp is not video, electric batons monopoly network, at the same time also said deck is another reason for fear of drive unit recognized by a colleague, influence not good. Use the plate, in accordance with the law, the police made a fine of $2000, a driver's license a record 12 points, the upper limit of penalty. Traffic police department said it would for two days in June and July car illegal five problems of strict verification procedures and tracking options, after the fake brand fakes for judicial authentication, for driving people to limit shall be given a heavier punishment in accordance with the law.
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