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Quanzhou in the east China sea a man holding a robbery case simulation gun for resisting arrest - electric batons village Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
A robbery case simulation electric batons village gun for resisting arrest criminal suspects Liang Mou identify the morning paper dispatch ( Reporter Lin Jiahua correspondent Guo Jinhuo ying-peng huang wen/chart) In the neighborhood of the car stopped, the distance from home is an elevator, miss wang is in underground parking garage elevator, mugged, with electric shock stick down by the criminal suspect. Yesterday, on suspicion of robbery, Liang Mou has been handed over to the okanagan valley's procuratorate to arrest, the case is still under further investigation. On August 30, at 7 PM, electric batons, miss wang drove to downtown east bay to a home, she put the car in the three layers of underground garage, walked to the elevator to go upstairs. Elevator and a man wearing a face mask, miss wang just according to the elevator, a man came up from behind, get a stick of shock hit, miss wang bang her back and miss wang fell to the ground. Man robbed from miss wang 395 yuan, a mobile phone, and three CARDS, and threaten miss wang say bank card password. Ready to flee, the man also do not forget to intimidate miss wang: 'if you dare to call the police, I will come back revenge! 'See far, contact miss wang got up the family, then to the okanagan valley the police report to the police. Okanagan valley forensic team immediately to investigate, and quickly locked the trail of the criminal suspect Liang Mou. Is introduced, the orgnaization of police Liang Mou putian xianyou, born in 1978, rented in quanzhou city east lake area. Liang Mou twice divorced and remarried, but don't have regular jobs. On September 14, 9 PM, learned Liang Mou with two kids to the movies, three plainclothes police criminal investigation brigade Liang Mou capture of the seats at the cinema. 'He knows oneself when, children beside, make a little resistance and then stopped. Introduction, the 'police Liang Mou after being controlled, civilian police notified the Liang Mou sister, brought two children to care for, that from the site. After Liang Mou electric box, police also found a ball gun type 77 simulation. Liang Mou soon confessed his robbery criminal facts. He argues, because they don't have a job, their children to school for money, so heart evil intentions to rob. He has been to miss wang lived in east bay village, few people know the underground garage, and a taxi on the night of the crime came into the village, went to the elevator in ambush, see miss wang came in, alone electric batons, with prepared electric shock stick, will miss wang down robbed. After successful Liang Mou electric ones away, hit a taxi to quanzhou bao chau street downtown, ready to find a bank withdrawals, then give up halfway. Simulation for electric vehicles in the ball gun, Liang Mou said, that is after the crime, to buy back from the street, if you have the police to arrest, take out imitation guns to arrest. Police also warns a citizen, leave in the underground parking garage, to prevent the surrounding the unfamiliar people, meet an emergency, you should protect the personal safety, to ask for help, the alarm as soon as possible. Also should be strengthened in and out of small area public security personnel identity verification, to safety regulation of the parking lot, protect the safety of the residents.
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