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Quanzhou underworld organization 16 people convicted, a maximum sentence of 24 years! - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Taiwan network on July 11, quanzhou evening news reported, lend usury law illegal detention, troublemakers, extortion, casino & hellip; … The gang bully to injure the crowd, forming psychological force to the crowds, causing the deterioration of the psychological panic, security this morning, jinjiang court of first instance public sentencing pingyuan (16 people, such as the underworld property organization crime case, pingyuan (such as organization and leadership of underworld gangs sin was sentenced to 24 years of trial, deprivation of political rights for five years, and concurrently be sentenced to confiscation of all personal property, and the rest of the gang members also 15 were sentenced to six months to a year for twenty years. By jinjiang court found that since April 2014, pingyuan shi in the town of jinjiang CiZao tiangong ceramics city runs his own wave dragon ceramic store, set up the wave shi dragon investment co. , LTD. ( Along with the wave of shi dragon ceramics shop after renamed China, building materials sales department) , specialized in jinjiang and surrounding areas to lend usury illegal. Since 2015, Lin mou based on wave shi dragon investment company, the snare is released, the social idle personnel, by Lin mou shi for the head, give priority to foreign to lend usury, zhang jie and others responsible for according to the pingyuan arrangements, to economic disputes, debt collection by organizing personnel to implement illegal and criminal activities; Pingyuan the financial personnel for the company, assist the foreign to lend usury, pingyuan shi Wu Mou para people responsible for arranged by pingyuan shi and others, such as the debtor take phone threats, insults, and the door noise, such as holding a machete weapon for door, loudspeakers and stick posters, splashed paint, smash, beaten and restrict the personal freedom struggle, systematically implemented a series of illegal and criminal activities, gradually formed in pingyuan shi ringleaders, artificial backbone members, such as zhang jie to Wu Mou general participants of secondary with underworld property organization crime. Pingyuan obtain illegal economic interests, etc. , to wave dragon investment company as the carrier operation business of usury. Wave shi dragon investment companies tend to & other; Company rules & throughout; “ Guild regulations & throughout; Grounds, such as enticing borrowers signed several times the actual borrowing amount ious and vehicles, factories, land and other mortgage transfer agreement, in order to achieve increased debt and the purpose of illegal possession of property; Bo shi dragon investment company to take daily interest and shops are two main types of borrowers repayment way, the monthly interest is 10% of the principal 15%, and the borrowing of day to deducted the period shall be the principal and interest ( Commonly known as & other; The beheading rates & throughout; ) , making the borrower's actual borrowing amount is lower than the ious borrowing amount, loan interest rate is much higher than bank lending interest rates several times, loan, also require the borrower to take photo id, ious retained. Bo shi dragon investment company through the operation of the borrower, its aim is to do all the formalities, avoid the law, for illegal again after a legitimate cloak. In the process of the victim reimbursement, pingyuan shi and others also to & other; Reimbursement to overtime payment & throughout; “ Phone not pick up & throughout; “ Guarantee loan default & throughout; Reasons, such as unilateral wantonly that default, the victim in the case of the victim has been reimbursement, earth will be illegal and high interest rates as new borrowing amount ious, threats, intimidation, taken at the same time, to follow, beaten, illegal detention, put the soft violence and violent means such as loudspeakers illegal debt collection, illegally obtaining high interest rates, high default penalty, appearance, etc. , to a large number of amassing wealth, have relatively strong economic strength, to continue to implement illegal and criminal activities provides a strong protection. As members of the organization, pingyuan is not regularly provide members with beer and skittles, pay the rent, living expenses, accommodation and other security; Distributed into according to the organization members for profit situation, when members of the organization for injured with medical treatment, living allowance, etc. ; To buy paint, loudspeakers, debt collection tools such as knives, machetes, violence, debt collection, and provide the vehicle for organization members provide financial support for organizing the implementation of illegal and criminal activities. With the support of the economic basis, the continuous extension of crime gang members, strength increasing, thus further support its illegal interests. Pingyuan (such as a person with wave dragon investment company as the carrier, the snare is released, the social idle personnel, in jinjiang and surrounding areas in interest lending activity law, the use of violence, soft violence debt collection. Among them, many times to the debtor for debt within residential staff and their families to insult, threats, intimidation, forcing its debts; Openly illegal use of electric batons, machetes, knives, iron, loudspeakers, paint, posters and other tools persecuted debt repayment; In addition, it USES violence, threats, organized to the implementation of the illegal detention, troublemakers, extortion, gambling and other illegal and criminal activities, to do evil, seriously interfere with the normal production and business operations, destroy others and life order, bully to injure the crowd, for the masses to form psychological force, cause the loss of the psychological panic, security, the legitimate interests damaged people dare not report, escape from home, etc. , has destroyed the economy of jinjiang and surrounding areas, social management order, seriously affected the social harmony and stability. Tags: editor: Su Shuang highest 9 related news. 800 million! 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