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Raise discontent with his girlfriend break up with stun guns home violence Figure) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Report from our correspondent 25 man crazy for love, in the face of his girlfriend breaking up the request not from already, carrying stun guns, riot self-defense injector, hypnotics such violence 'weapon' to sneak into his girlfriend home. Reporters learned that this morning, the small boy said ehud Shapiro ( Not his real name) Was well for rape, court sentenced to 2 years in accordance with the law, compensation for the incidental civil lawsuit small li ( Not his real name) And his mother's medical bills, etc. More than 10000 yuan. Small said ehud Shapiro and small li is a couple, two people feeling is very good at first, but a long time, feeling gradually appeared the cracks, so small li to small said ehud Shapiro is put forward to break up. Little said ehud Shapiro is very fed up about it, don't want to break up the small said ehud Shapiro try their best to make peace with small li, but failed many times, youthful said ehud Shapiro thought it is not the proper way to impending nuptials, only have forced her to. Finally in 2006 at 10 PM on October 6, small said ehud Shapiro prepared the defibrillator, riot self-defense injector, hypnotics, fruit knife, nylon rope, bolting to small li near the house, pulled a small li home switch. There were only small li and small li's mother at home. When small li to go out to check the switch, small said ehud Shapiro take up into small li's home. Small said ehud Shapiro carrying riot without reason is a self-defense injector and stun guns to attack the mother and daughter. At that time, little said ehud Shapiro to uniform after mother and daughter two people, to the little Sally rape. But they struggle to resist, electric batons, confused little said ehud Shapiro was mother and daughter uniforms where an offender on the spot. Via forensic appraisal, little Sally and her mother had damaged degree were minor injury.
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