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Region live built bureau bottled liquefied petroleum gas lighters and tank management screening work

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

(date) (month) (year) - Month day, region live built bureau to take the lead, in conjunction with the district, the district industrial and commercial bureau and county live built bureau, for a two counties and one city bottled liquefied petroleum gas business site, a valet ventilation and turpan city a lighter and lighter and tanks for the management work wholesale and retail locations.
screen, turpan city, toksun county bottled liquefied petroleum gas station, valet ventilation are widespread fire safety facilities not up to standard, safety production system is not sound, management and implement safety technical problems such as nonstandard operation procedures. Turpan city, lighters, lighter and tanks in a state of neglect, point-of-sale existence does not operate according to the national dangerous explosive product sales management manage application by the relevant laws and regulations, market circulation randomness is larger, management confusion and other issues.
to solve above problems, combining with working practice, puts forward the concrete measures and to solve the problem. ( Urban construction division)
source: region live built bureau
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