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Rekindle the fire of rock ZIPPO to help 2014 confuses the flute music festival

by:Tianwang     2020-07-23

(date) (month) (year) Month, day of belting confuses the flute music festival in the haidian park hot, summer rock frenzy. Right after, two successful cooperation, Zippo confuses the flute music festival together again, rock in the hottest way, propaganda 'Everyday Adventure' brand culture.
MIDI groundbreaking and - for the first time UN representative offices in China and the United Nations development program (undp), has attracted numerous rock musicians and bands performing around the world, including one of the greatest British rock band the Suede ( Goat) Band and highly innovative percussion ensemble mercifully Beatz etc. , and the domestic major well-known rock band back pain, escape plan and Xie Tianxiao artists are taking turns, will show to three days. , MIDI completed successfully to the international stage.
as a famous American lifestyle brands, Zippo forthright and sincere, along with the gender and progressive attitude towards life, and rock music after the unruly, rate and is fit for his personality realm. For cooperation with MIDI the birthplace of the Chinese underground rock band, Zippo founder George galbraith generation grandson of, Zippo lighter manufacturing company chairman of the board, the brand's current owners George, Mr Duke said: 'Zippo has been supporting the development of Chinese rock and roll! Hope that through the platform of MIDI festival let more have dream rock band and rock musicians realize their dreams. 'Zippo special sponsorship MIDI two fabulous limited edition' MIDI 'Zippo windproof lighter, encourage the development of Chinese rock and roll.

the MIDI Zippo windproof lighter at the same time, as the well-known domestic music festivals, MIDI lighters design more limited edition groundbreaking for the first time with the world dozens of classic design in virtual Zippo lighters Zippo lighter mobile App, fans can not enjoying it carefully in the mobile phone market sales of the limited edition lighter ( Virtual Zippo Lighter App has been and downloaded more than over the IOS platform, times, and in the App Store or Google Play search Zippo Lighter can download)
Zippo sets up a special exhibition at the scene of the MIDI festival, provide exclusive experience for rock music fans and Zippo enthusiasts Zippo avant-garde fashion way of life. The audience to see the Zippo and rock deep roots, have the opportunity to see chun xia's show, will also be able to participate in rich on-site activities, sculpture exclusive Zippo lighters. In addition, having a unique style of Zippo lighter design competition also attract audience participation, enthusiastically in Zippo booth left his design work. The popular design works after a MIDI organizers screening will be uploaded to the Zippo China weibo design contest # # Zippo lighter voting system, waiting for the consumers vote.
youth, rock more than! Zippo will, as always, support the development of Chinese rock music, for more rock new lighting your dream! About Zippo

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