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Required for safety - use the water heater Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Midnight on October 29, 47 points, a level 2016 dongguan a college boy a (deng Guangdong zhanjiang people) , electric batons, 2 in the student's dormitory building a dormitory shower to get an electric shock. When the power is in close dormitory with dormitory students, in zero 49 points to some pull out of the bathroom and rescue, deng immediately call 120, 110. The ambulance to the site rescue and deng sent to the hospital in dongguan branch. Around 4 a. m. , after the hospital declared dead. And because a roommate 1 a classmate deng save sometime deng is electrically damaging, through the observation of the hospital. At present, the police is the cause of the accident has a further investigation. After the accident, the campus involved two dormitory, has stopped using, and conduct comprehensive electricity safety checks. As of late October 29, students have the overall move to use solar energy water heater outside the apartment. Electric water heater 'killing' events emerge in endlessly on March 19, 2016 early morning, shenzhen ryu and his son, 1, 2 months) Was found in the dwelling xixiang solid defensibly park saemaul undong 1 lane 5, rental housing on the ground floor, after 120 the doctor on-site rescue invalid death. After the preliminary investigation, ryu and son surprises when bathing, via forensic appraisal for electrocution. On March 7, 2017, shenzhen area around 2, 75 estate building 4th floor inside shower room has a man to the ground dead. Via forensic preliminary appraisal, the dead may be due to electrocution. On June 11, 2017, 21 PM, shenzhen a woman wang mou sand yuan Po 114 buildings and hire the people inside shower by electricity. The doctor on-site rescue invalid, the woman confirmed dead. By the bureau of forensic investigation preliminary confirm the dead due to electrocution. Use electric water heater, these must know! Don't wash while heating! The expert reminds: electric water heater leakage accident is very dangerous, the best way to prevent water heater leakage, the hot water before bath full burning, power off while taking a bath! Don't wash while heating! Don't pursue cheap to buy cheap inferior products! First, don't buy cheap inferior products. Some 2, 300 yuan of inferior electric water heater, is in fact a tin bucket 'soon'. This kind of inferior products without leakage safety protection devices, must not covet is cheap. A leakage protector is not completely safe! 'Many users think installed leakage protector, can completely protect the security of the bath, this idea is one-sided. 'According to introducing, water storage type electric water heater in use requires the user to the home ground wire must be good, and the domestic many bad earth buildings, such as decorating the wrong line, aging line, use inferior switch socket, when the ground wire with the plastic pipe, etc. , are likely to lead to ground charged, cause accident getting an electric shock! Electric water heaters are electric water heater installation personnel must show certificates on-site installation, must want to check the documents, many dealers in order to save costs, the electrician is optional for no qualification personnel, this is planted a lot of potential safety problems. Change the electric water heater of magnesium rod on a regular basis? Water storage type electric water heater in the magnesium rod should be replaced periodically. Tap water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions, time grew, the calcium and magnesium ions on adhesion and corrosion on the water heater tank and heating pipes, once the tank corrosion or heating tube corrosion perforation, also has the danger of leakage. If use the electric water heater in 78, be sure to find manufacturers to clean or replace. When people get an electric shock make sure power off first! Police special tips: must pay attention to safety when using electric water heater, wet hands do not pull out the power cord, be careful to get an electric shock risk. When people get an electric shock, please keep calm, immediately shut off the power brake, if can't find the total brake, must be with dry sticks, or similar insulation better dial from object to get an electric shock the power, do not use hand to pull, or themselves will also get an electric shock! !
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