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'Resident evil 2: heavy plate' the plot will be even more dramatic - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
The northern headlines, toutiao. hebtv。 Com recently, 'resident evil 2: heavy plate' producer Tsuyoshi Kanda and Kazunori Kadoi in an interview with Japanese media shock Online, share with us more details about the game. According to them, 'resident evil 2: heavy plate' story content compared with the original will be even more dramatic, they rearranged for some of the original case, electric batons, and even the change of the role of clothing details such as, for example, Shirley boykin wearing and performance in the game is more like a real girl, etc. In resident evil 2: heavy plate, has the main weapons and arms, main weapon is refers to the pistol and a shotgun, and deputy weapon means such as knives and grenades, vice weapons can be used as items can also be used as a defensive battle. 'Resident evil 3' and 'seven biochemical crisis' in the powder system will also appear in the 'resident evil 2: heavy plate making, can you make three bullets: one kind is a combination of two weak gunpowder gun; Is a kind of weak and strong powder mixture of rifle bullets; There are stronger and stronger powder combination of the more powerful ammunition. Herbal combination system also return to 'resident evil 2: heavy plate making, can be divided into three different kinds of green, red and blue herbs, you can through the combination of different blood tonic or detoxification. It spend the most time with the zombies, they spent a lot of time thinking about how to make these zombie more terrible and more disturbing, but the game also have no longer like Crimson Heads as enemies. 'Resident evil 2' original in concert with the room change or change when trigger key events, while heavy plate according to the change in the process of game rhythm and melody. The northern headlines, toutiao. hebtv。 Com game
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