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Resume work notice

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Resume work notice: each department colleagues, partners for positive response heyang about the implementation of hierarchical control and prevention measures, implementation of the 'input' prevention strategy, fully restored to normal production and living order of the resolution, the company decision research, our company in feb 22, 2020, formally accept false return to work, the company Marketing Department, technology department, the finance department and other departments work from home office to office. Strengthen the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of infection, effectively reduce personnel gathered, to prevent the spread of epidemic, ensure the safety of the enterprise personnel, now put forward the following requirements: 1, each colleague work must wear a mask, do personal protection! 2, to and from work every day, consciously do the new coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control staff in registration form 'of the registration and temperature measurement. 3, keep our office disinfection and ventilation during the work! Work time do: gather, lumpy, epidemic prevention protection alarm! 4, the office is equipped with protective equipment ( Disposable surgical masks, free hand washing detergent, alcohol, watering can, medical disposable PVC gloves) , each colleague, please reasonable use, completes the protection! Feb 22, 2020, our company's main: high-energy ignition, portable high-energy ignition, explosion-proof series of high-energy ignition flame detector, ultraviolet flame detector, ionization type flame detector automatic ignition control box, ignition monitoring control box, flame-out protection alarm control box, coke oven gas, methane gas torch ignition control ignition torch ignition control transformers series, ignition electrode, ion probe combustion control products, etc
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