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Retrograde Mercedes driver appeared: the co-pilot electricity stick - me Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
News is: 'Mercedes retrograde crashed car thrown across the individual' news flash back: a video has heat transfer on the Internet: 4 p. m. on April 27, 24 points, the southern section of tieling city CAI street pedigree station north gate traffic lights lights for a red light, a Benz car suddenly came galloping across the two private car hit was waiting for light, the passenger door open, a man was left out of the car, after the pilot kick to the man's head, then fled the scene. Mercedes Benz's retrograde, is artificial or accident? The co-pilot open the door? Why driver hop to throw the co-pilot? What happened inside the car? Yesterday morning, in the video driver took the initiative to contact LiaoShen evening news, of all that for the Internet, the driver wang explains, reverse way, retrograde, after the crash, throw the co-pilot use feet chuai, & other; All this is because the co-pilot electricity stick & lsquo; duǐ’ Gave me a & throughout; 。 Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw wang a hospital in shenyang. 43, wang said, he is in shenyang, a car loan, the company's employees, just to work half a month, because this matter, oneself are famous online, friends to see the video and then make a phone call to ask. Wang said that the day he is specially to find not Mercedes owners also owe loans, the co-pilot of the video man and a woman sat in the back of the driver's side, electric batons, & other; The couple bought a car loans 190000 yuan, in our company haven't also after loan, make a phone call and contact not here throughout the &; 。 After find the vehicle information, vehicle in tieling. On April 27, wang received a company manager assigned, alone to tieling to find couple reimbursement matters, to communicate & other; At first, two people mood is quite excited, the head one day noon also loans. But I'm on the phone with the managers of the company that did not receive payment & throughout; 。 Later, after consultation, the couple agreed to back to shenyang auto loan company to solve. Dream, two people, though reluctant, but also on the car, & other; Thought were in the car, also can't have what variables throughout the &; 。 Three people from tieling railway station to the shenyang direction. Wang said, probably for 6 km, electric batons, came to the southern section of tieling city CAI street pedigree station north gate traffic post road when the red light, his cell phone rang, & other; Right hand picked up the phone, the woman behind all of a sudden the phone away & throughout; 。 Wang said he haven't had time to response, & other The man open the door, took out electric batons & lsquo; duǐ’ In my right waist & throughout; 。 “ When at present a dark! Foot pedal on the accelerator, directly to think of all feel terrible now! ” Wang tells a reporter, & other; Who could think of was to drive, they like! ” After the vehicle is out of control directly into the other side of the vehicle, & other; Air sacs pop up on the face, and be electric all hemp, didn't react after the crash! ” Wang wu wear the chest, & other; In who have enough browbeating, I now want to heart chug & throughout; ! To see a net friend said he is arrogant, out of the car also crazy chuai already fell on the ground of the co-pilot man, dream said: & other; Because terrified, and wanted to get off and kick him several feet, looks like the same, but not the same, make me angry! ” Wang, said to be on the safe side, he chose a taxi quickly left the scene. After that night, he went to a hospital checking borrow call manager for a mobile phone and call the police, that he had been confused cold sweat, because the left knee injury in a crash, is still in the hospital. At press time, wang has not yet reached the manager Mr. Ding said Mercedes husband and wife, so the present state of the other side of the injury and other unknown. For wang, both because of Benz car and no leave contact information, journalists from two related no reply. At present, the police investigation was launched.
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