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Rod * lun to abort man is 4 teeth for lift passengers abuse, his brother 'for that' - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Zhang is a restaurant waiter, in the evening after work and friends go out to eat barbecue, drink 6 bottles of beer. Drunk, zhang in the street stopped a taxi, cheng jing said going around 9, the taxi driver said a lift. At this time, again behind a taxi, drop, his brother said to zhang. Before zhang ready to get on the car, called a taxi driver. The driver after listen to very angry, he grabbed the car zhang, don't let zhang, two men of words don't quarrel happened. Subsequently, a taxi driver of the car and pulled out a root electric batons, towards the chin zhang played a few times. Zhang wu wear the mouth pain, from the mouth spit it out 4 teeth. Subsequently, zhang called the police. After police arrived on the scene, the two sides back to the office. The taxi driver said electric batons is bought in taobao, keep the night shift of self-defense. After police told electric batons were tube products, the driver handed rod self-defense to police. After police mediation, the taxi driver said with zhang, zhang also said not to pursue the matter.
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