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by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Rod self-defense to the harm of human body what size is it? Batons include police self-defense, rubber batons, plastic rod batons, extendable batons, etc. , self-defense does to the human body is mainly rod electric shock, shock effect refers to the current flowing through the human body interior, of breathing, heart and other organs of human organs and nervous system damage, this is caused by the physical effects of electric current. When current flows through the human body, can produce different degree of tingling and numbness, and accompanied by involuntary muscle contractions, when the current is bigger, can cause serious damage to human body organs and lead to death. Self-defense self-defense of several different types of electric current threshold electric experiments show that the current through the body, the greater the current stimulation to the human body, the more obvious, the greater the risk of fatal. According to the current through the body's physiological reaction, the current can be divided into three levels: 1, the perception threshold of perception threshold refers to the smallest current value of any feelings can cause the human body. For 15 ~ 100 hz sinusoidal alternating current (ac), generally universal value is 0. 5mA。 Unlike alternating current, direct current no sure perception threshold, only in you have feeling on and off, and the feeling of current flow during there will be no other. One-way pulse current perception threshold refers to the given conditions, flows through the human body can cause the minimum charge any feeling. 2, get rid of threshold threshold refers to the electrode in hand, the person with the human instinct to be able to get rid of the electrode of the maximum current value independently. Get rid of the boundaries of threshold is a danger to people, for the 15 ~ 100 hz sinusoidal alternating current, get rid of the average of the threshold for 10 ma. Unlike alternating current, direct current no sure get rid of the threshold, only when the dc on and off, can cause muscle pain and cramps contraction. 3, ventricular fibrillation threshold of ventricular fibrillation threshold refers to by the human body can cause the minimum current value of ventricular fibrillation. Generally recognized ventricular fibrillation is a major cause of electrical shock causing death, when a current through the body, some of the current will flow through the heart, if through the heart of current exceeds a certain limit will cause ventricular fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation occurred after the heart to lose their coordinated ability of contraction diastole by myocardial peristalsis, blood circulation function to a halt, if not properly treated in time, will lead to death. The more the greater the current, current time is long, the greater the risk of occurrence of ventricular fibrillation is, according to a 1985 report, the American national standards institute (ANSI) as long as 15 development of current flows through the heart will cause ventricular fibrillation. Self-defense electric shock damage to human body depends on the kind of electric current through the body, the duration of the current intensity, the electric current, power frequency, current flows through the path of the human body as well as the health of the human body, etc. , these summary analysis.
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