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Rongcheng city in shandong: 'the hometown of whooper swans' singing 'winter sonata' Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Every year in October to march the following year, thousands of whooper swans in succession from places such as Siberia, falling out over the 'China's rural whooper swans' flourish wintering habitat in shandong province. Flourish is situated in the east of shandong peninsula, surrounded by sea on three sides of the unique geographical position provides a superior natural conditions whooper swans for the winter. To protect the habitat of whooper swans, electric batons, flourish whooper swans nature reserve was set up in 1985, April 2007 was approved by the State Council as a national nature reserve, the reserve has a rescue center, endemic disease monitoring center and the swan lake, smoke pier Angle 2 protection station. Since 2012, flourish for improving the quality of the regional wetland, organize the implementation of the ecological dredging, the dam removal, sand dike erosion control and eelgrass repair and other projects. Now the rongcheng yellow sea has become an important wintering habitat, whooper swans in our country has formed a harmonious coexistence between man and nature ecological city. 新华社记者侯东断言( 责任篇:周婉婷,焦隆)
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