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Said bar 丨 the appearance of this bar is EDC, I really like - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
I first know EDC ( 每天携带) This concept was in university, because at that time is always see roommate would Carry a small bag, no matter when, I was curious to ask him one Day what bag is filled with Every Day, so he opened the bag, put in full of beautiful things in eyes of a lot of common and uncommon small objects, and then he said to me the Every Day Carry concept, then think he's so cool, so I also gradually had the habit of carrying equipment. With the rapid spread of the concept of EDC, more and more people begin to consciously choose the necessary equipment for yourself travel, more and more people are playing, so everybody is, the more the requirement of equipment, in the early years of money choice standard is the quality of equipment, and today, the equipment will satisfy the quality, not only at the same time joined the design concept and multifunctional properties, so that the present age generates a lot of practical, and beautiful and unique creativity of the equipment. Shortly before I am asked about how to choose EDC equipment, I think choose EDC equipment mainly according to their own habits, suits own is the most important, we can plan ahead for their daily behavior and may encounter emergencies, to prepare the corresponding EDC equipment, and in your spare time, with a delicate equipment take out play play is also a very interesting thing. Down himself with a lot of equipment for so many years, but also has practical, delicate and play equipment is not many, few do not represent not, today I will talk to you a collection of the above three characteristics of self-defense equipment, it is from hong Ann Paul turneth the edge of gyro mechanical bar. This is called the sharpness of the bar is the most obvious feature is its small size, its specification of 12 inches, for mechanical stick this category, 12 inch size is really very tiny. The edge looks more delicate, it seems that no aggression, in some ways this is a very 'low key' design. In the condition of fully received the brunt of only 170 mm, not only can we carry it directly ChaDou, it can also be placed in position, more overall cabinet body can bring more convenience for carrying. Without attacking shape design with its compact and portable design, I also often by the two characteristics as a handle to use it, make a daily go to the supermarket plastic bags, or used to make a bag is very convenient. The sharpness of a length of 338 mm, the length can be used as a daily self-defense, the minimum size for beginners, small size is more suitable for carrying operation, for veterans, this size is more suitable for bar lock. Material selection and the sharpness of the juki levels of the whole steel quality, make it have the weight of 298 grams of better hit feeling, don't feel too light, and because the sharpness of small size, also won't let him too heavy. In addition to being able to complete daily self-defense needs, in order to increase the safety of the product attributes, pitted joined a broken window at the top of the head, broken Windows first used the obtuse Angle design, will not scratch in daily carry other goods, at the same time when you receive a stick, obtuse Angle of broken window head will not hurt palm. Namely to self-defense and broken Windows of gyro mechanical bar and practicability is very commendable. Say below mentioned above play performance, cutting edge bar besides exquisite design suitable for play, in the end also joined a gyro is designed, this gyro is very smooth, can turn a minute and a half, the top end cap diameter larger than the diameter of the handle, so the end cap in some ways can also play a proof ability. Sharpness mechanical stick yihong Ann Paul to develop the internal structure of the composite lock structure, the characteristics of this structure is more compact, and it is also a bar to act such a cabinet and delicate.
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