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Salesgirl electric batons standoff knife-wielding robber waved to capture bandit alarm - after more than 800 yuan Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Work in zheng's 20 s hubei guy Yang by phone loss, salary and not to the time, life predicament, rob a 24-hour convenience stores, in the morning but suffered & other; Female man & throughout; The shop assistant. Face a bright kitchen knife, the saleswoman took out a root electric batons, Yang won 800 yuan in cash only escape finally. On December 4, he was traced to the zhengzhou police in anhui huainan captured. Scouting around, he chose the 24-hour convenience stores in early November, Yang to apply for to zhengzhou for a network company. Poor planning soon he will give to spend all the money in the home, cell phone is lost carelessly, because did not have a probation period is still can't get salary, make he at that time. Yang family is wealthy, father was a contractor. He felt poorly, embarrassed for friends and family, just thinking about how & other Quick money & throughout; , checking in everywhere. Want to steal my wallet, but no technology, again afraid was found beaten. Want to rob the Internet cafe, but feel more people dare not laid hands on him. On November 25, he around to dongfeng road in the south road column, see a 24-hour convenience store only a maid at night watch shop, moved to the idea. On November 29th at 3 PM, Yang entered into a convenience store. Rob didn't meet & other; Female man & throughout; After entering the convenience store, Yang motioned for salesgirl to packs of cigarettes, when a saleswoman took the smoke was sweeping yards, Yang suddenly from the bag took out a bright kitchen knife, waving it in front of the shop girl, vociferously & other; And mobile phones put money & throughout; 。 Because of over the counter between two people, Yang cannot directly touching each other body. As Yang flick knife threatened further, embarrassing scene, the salesgirl mobile phones put down from behind, then from the side produced a root & other; Zi la-la-la & throughout; Taking electric electric batons a confrontation. Can be seen in the monitor Yang hesitated for a moment, is probably face the brave girl clerk is a bit of circle. Two people confrontation for 1 minute, then, salesgirl see Yang mood more and more excited, be afraid of tragic outcome out of control, and had to be more than 800 yuan in cash to the Yang. Yang had left, female clerk immediately took out his mobile phone alarm behind him. All the video track locking and capture robbers on November 29, at around 3:00 am, east video monitoring center received municipal public security bureau of public security bureau 110 command center instructions: dongfeng road in the south road column a convenience store being robbed, suspects for a male, height 1. 7 meters or so, in the red coat, there were a sword in his hand, after the success of the robbery put the knife in carry-on bag walking along the road east south road in the direction of escape. Called, shangdu road police station, east armed patrols and 2 cases probing brigade related personnel quickly to be present. At the same time, the video players quickly obtained centered division to find video surveillance cameras, to monitor the surrounding monitor, take & other; Space combination and alarm linkage & throughout; The implementation of search catch. Surveillance video tracking all the way to Li Nagang fukang pedestrian street no. 7 building, police further building elevator and each layer of corridor monitoring camera, found the suspect to live on the 7th floor of 4th floor, room 421. With help from the landlord to open the door, electric batons, suspects had already left. Through the survey found that the criminal suspect of the room card, identified the suspect's name and phone number, and found the suspect's knives and carry-on bag. After a branch of forensic police investigation tracking, on December 4 in the morning, the suspect Yang was caught in the anhui province huainan. , according to the suspects Yang confession in partnership with the friend, after the company lost money in October of this year coming to zhengzhou, because I had no money with, just do something illegal to get some money. Robbed 800 yuan after, the in the mind is very afraid, changed back to the place he was headed to the train station. More than 29 November 11 points to ever after school of huainan, be into a Internet cafes, until December 4, was arrested by the police. ( Reporter yu-dong zhang)
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