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by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
On March 25 at 10 am, collective nature was buried in the city for the first time in 2017 in Beijing evergreen park forest base of ashes ecological buried memorial plaza. The 85 - year - old Chen Xianfang farewell natural buried his wife. QianLongWang rp Qin Sheng south taken article/QianLongWang Qin Sheng south not long ago, the famous writer qiong precious jade in the public health condition to son daughter-in-law explaination & other; Legacy & throughout; One of his letters from home, mentioned in the letter, after her one hundred, & other; Don't do seven, don't burn, don't be set up, not to the funeral. Will I burned into ash as soon as possible, take the way of flower was buried, let me to dust. ” Light a few hundred words reveal qiong precious jade in treat life optimistic state of mind, soul to the sea, the body back to nature; Fertile soil water embellish, he. Actually, no matter the ashes into the sea, or direct buried in soil, ecological burial has gradually become an advocate return to natural fresh air, for the people, the dead from the moment into furnaces, & other; Clear & throughout; Leave, don't leave any burden to the world. On March 25, Beijing for the first time the collective nature of ashes buried in evergreen garden ashes forest base, 85 - year - old man looked at his wife Chen Xianfang ashes buried in the quiet and beautiful graveyard, quietly leave two lines of tears, & the other; His wife, like the soul back to the earth before choosing nature of ashes buried with her heart, I will also choose ecological was buried in the future, let children missing in my heart. ” Nature of ashes buried, after ashes scattered at sea type is a form of ecological burial, specifically refers to the use of biodegradable containers or directly to the ashes hidden in the soil, buried area to plant trees, flowers, grass and other natural way. No gravestone, no MuJi, towards the ashes into the dust, maternal gentleness more protect flower, for family is thinking of the eternal. , according to the latest data released by the civil affairs bureau of Beijing in 2016, stereo was buried, tree burial, flower bed of ashes buried in the city, the lawn was buried, and buried land ecological burial ratio up to 55. 97%. Following the implementation of sea in order to promote ecological burial, Beijing free later, this year we will continue to implement the Beijing citizens nature of ashes buried zero pay. Selecting relatives of natural and bury the dead, will also be engraved with the deceased's life can be gotten and qr code mementos of photos, after sweeping qr code, mobile phone, it can display the photograph of the deceased, introduction, motto, before work, such as family members can be monuments to take home, can also be stored in a cemetery dedicated area. Without the cumbersome, but let the memorial time deposit in the heart. Cremated in everyone's imagination, may be a smoke, a little eerie place. Recently, the reporter walked into the babaoshan funeral home cremation, visitors are greeted is a window with a net, clean the hall. Body & other; Clear & throughout; Cremated, ecological technology for the world pollution. “ Restricted by technology, before cremation workshop of smoke to the waist, is above the waist smoke, if you want to find people, you must look at your feet. ” Babaoshan funeral home witoonnambutr said, deputy director of the cremation division electric batons, not only that, black smoke from the burning of, straight into the air, very adverse to the environment. Nowadays, with the help of science and technology, babaoshan funeral home cremation room spotless, this is the cremation and respect for the dead relatives, especially with the fear of the dead. The reporter understands, cremation room work environment for change is the result of cremation furnace upgrade. In 2013, in does not affect the normal business, under the condition of babaoshan funeral home gradually to the north and south two cremation workshop, to 2015, has completed ten of the cremation furnace modification and put into use. Remaining eight have been completed in 2016 renovation, decoration will be put into use after the completion of this year. Babaoshan funeral home cremated remains of about 23000 each year. It is understood that after the transformation of the cremation furnace by burning diesel oil instead of burning natural gas, installation of the exhaust gas collecting device at the same time, a large number of reducing emissions of pollutants. “ Boiler, before modification before and after the ching Ming festival every year we all want to climb to the cremation workshop roof top clean up the ashes of the furnace, most probably can hold more than 100 big woven bag. ” Witoonnambutr tells a reporter, now by installing exhaust gas treatment device, filter and exhaust pollutants in particle collection, reducing emissions, avoid to produce secondary pollution. “ Through a phase of transformation, the effect of the electric batons, over the past year, after transforming the 10 sets of cremation furnace filter 18 tons of pollutants. And cremation furnace emissions are lower than the requirements of the local standards for Beijing, the main pollutant dioxin emissions in 0. 1 grams, far lower than per cubic meter of flue gas less than 0. 5 grams of the existing national standard regulations. These pollutants after sealing, we collect unity to designated by the Beijing municipal solid waste and chemical management center company for disposal. ” Witoonnambutr said. “ I walked lightly, just as I come lightly & hellip; … I wave sleeves, not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away. ” Xu zhimo is the best-known poem describes a pair of pure and fresh and picturesque scene separation. Green funeral, just like a beautiful picture, not only is the remembrance of life left to future generations, is a beautiful land and sky. On March 25 at 10 am, collective nature was buried in the city for the first time in 2017 in Beijing evergreen park forest base of ashes ecological buried memorial plaza. The graph is for the dead buried in spirit. QianLongWang reporter Qin Sheng south perturbation
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