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Scary! ! ! ZhongMou man robbed a woman arrested after - handheld electric in the morning Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Mammoth news, Oriental today reporter mingtao Lin isolationist streak fa-ming wang li song/article figure on August 13, the reporter learns from zhongmou county public security bureau, the bureau information center in close coordination with the criminal investigation brigade a squadron, have uncovered a robbery. August 2 in the morning, zhongmou county public security bureau 110 command center received a woman call the police, said its in zhongmou county city walked the road, by a hand-held electric robbery of young men. After receiving this alert, the agency information center video patrol squadron police the red, Ma Yanchao immediately to investigate, from peripheral monitoring, found on August 2nd at 2 51 points, when a man carrying, rod on a passing woman after the robbery, ride a red and white two rounds of electric vehicles, along the north loop fled to the west. By monitoring the video tracking, civilian police found at the at 3 am 09 points that day, and there were briefly suspects in a roadside store. Information center, police surveillance video from the shop, get a suspect positive pictures, by further verification, eventually determine the suspect information, and feedback will be a clue to a squadron police brigade. On August 9, the criminal investigation brigade a careful deployment, casing, waiting for you, the squadron police will successfully in tongxu criminal suspects arrested. After the interrogation, the suspect wang mou, 20 years old this year, kaifeng tongxu, on August 2, handheld electric in zhongmou county city of robbery crime confessed. At present, criminal suspects wang mou has been zhongmou county public security bureau criminal detention according to law, cases are dealt with in further. Police remind the masses, to enhance the capacity of self awareness and self-preservation, goes hand in hand to go out at night is best, electric batons, once contact with positive outlaws, first of all to ensure their own safety, save themselves after the alarm in time, and remember the physical characteristics of the criminal suspects, as much as possible so that the police investigation in a timely manner.
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