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Secretary month moths condolences to the Hong Kong police force: justice always on our side, Figure) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
【 The web. Hong Kong 'repairing example storm' last for six months, the Hong Kong police force has been in disorderly stop violence as the front line to maintain law and order of Hong Kong. , Hong Kong 31 'orange news' reported today is the last day of 2019, the Hong Kong special administrative region chief executive secretary in moths especially to the Hong Kong police headquarters to pick the frontline police, wish them New Year work smoothly, the police and distributing bento. Secretary data figure: lam. China news agency reporter zhang wei was taken according to the report, secretary lam said in a speech, over the past seven months, the police in order to maintain security in Hong Kong, under the great pressure, can say if not in Hong Kong police force, 'I think our life difficult. The police in order to maintain security in Hong Kong, sweat, blood, also have the police because the family bullying and tears. She hopes in the future days, work together with you, will be bloodshed, tears, sweat and qing. Moths said secretary month, day in the future, there is only one road, is the determination to halt the violence, electric batons, those illegal ACTS to justice, she believes that 'justice is on our side forever'. , she said, though it is still very difficult, but she believes that Hong Kong residents, even some international is veiled and critics of the Hong Kong police force, will know sooner or later, this outstanding team in Hong Kong police force, is one of the greatest assets of the SAR government. She wants to enter in 2020, we work together, as soon as possible return Hong Kong to a 'we can be called home of Hong Kong'. Secretary lam and finally to the present, he says, is to wish you joy at this holy season work smoothly in the future days, the most important thing is to protect our personal safety, the family can have a safe and peaceful life.
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