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See invisible scars after the victim electrocution, shock men's and women's private parts to death ( Abnormal condition) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Have to say, people to punish the offenders to, it is a variety of methods is multifarious, hence a variety of sentences. It is said that in all kinds of cruel criminal law, there is a chair, the so-called just as its name implies is to use click the prisoner is all parts of the body, make prisoners feel pain but can't see the obvious scar, the most abnormal condition is actually still use to click on the prisoner's private parts! , electrocution said to electrocution, this also is a kind of let the prisoner invisible scars after the victim is very abnormal condition of a kind of torture, by electric current to stimulate the brain nerve, let it were dead. During the Anti-Japanese War period and the modern American intelligence agencies and China's intelligence, may be using electrocution to torture prisoners. Because electrocution can free control current and voltage is a safer way of torture. Although has not been listed in the Chinese ancient punishment, but is still a very cruel punishment. Second, electrocution way torture torture by electrocution including electrocution high-pressure and low-pressure electrocution. High pressure electrocution is to use a few kv high-voltage electric shocks, briefly to the human body to create a huge short pain is given priority to. Electric is the type of electrocution. Two electrodes of the rod is the current access point, due to the access point in close proximity, so this kind of electrocution are generally local damage, if the electrodes are not close to the heart not usually deadly directly, electric batons, but if long time shock high voltage will cause great harm to human body, and even cause death. On the one hand is long time shock death, on the other hand is short time electric shock can cause short-term pain, so do not calculate the electrocution of selections of torture, only when it is in primitive conditions. Compared with the high pressure electrocution, low-pressure electrocution is mainly forced by electrocution. Low electrocution about from dozens of v to controlled v voltage, the voltage is not immediate death, can be a long time of electrical shock. Shock access point is generally choose the sensitive parts of the body, such as breast, axillary, testosterone pill, and rectum, urine, tortoise head, Yin tao because of low resistance and sensitive nerve, especially common collocation. If the victim barefoot, the foot will be the natural current exports, and feet nerve is very sensitive, of course. If the access point is located in the upper left and right heart respectively, is due to the current through the heart and can cause great pain, but this not control well is easy to kill.
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