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by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Armor official weibo: armor research bacteria armor military taobao shop: armor military outdoor armor outdoor channel: armor _OutdoorGear - Lab I once wrote in the previous article, — If not because of illegal, spray are supposed to be self-defense tool for girls, the most appropriate. Later, because in some of the messages before there are too many discussion of spray, so today also helpless bring out 'spray' the self-defense tools say alone. It is a pity, for the moment, the spray is no problem of contraband, not through any local security program. Just now, the current domestic for the management of the spray belongs to more ambiguous attitude, management is very loose, also does not have a clear improve the mechanism of the lock-up, even many spray with the police mark will appear in the private market, if you want, or you can buy. Maybe a lot of people can through some selling contraband website, or some such thing as a military entity shop to buy spray, but have to say that any flowed through private channels of either with or without the police logo spray, are contraband. Really want to for my personal opinion, I not support all types of spray are all forbidden. At home, whether public or law enforcement agencies, the majority of people understanding of the spray is very single, feel is 'pepper spray,' choking or modulation of chemical liquid. 。 。 。 。 。 Actually spray segmentation is a lot of different species, such as scattering type, line type, law enforcement, self-defense defend Wolf, veterinary, etc. But for single is simple, spray types can be divided into two - — Offensive spray and defensive spray to division for the purpose of this is in accordance with the design. Offensive spray, just as its name implies is to produce attack effect, its design purpose is to control the other party, no resistance. Offensive spray have so a few characteristics, the volume of spray is larger, the jet distance, Generally can reach 3 to 5 meters) The loading liquid damage intensity is high, excitant. Offensive defensive spray, spray design purpose only one, losing the ability to pursue is to make each other, so as to achieve their own access to safe effect. Defensive design of spray characteristics are as follows: small volume, easy to carry and hidden lower stimulus intensity of liquid loading, short distance ( Usually only 20 cm to 1 m) 。 Defensive spray some pictures should be can help to distinguish the two different. One is to thoroughly knocking each other, just in order to let the other side can't chase. So why on earth would spray will be banned in China? — — Many all around a bit, it is spray once circulation, will be the bad guys to attack with a sharp object, such as using spray in the robbery rob crime makes the victim lose resistance soon. And this fear is not clear for the above spray classification. Admittedly, offensive spray excitant strong, of course, is more difficult to control the effect, I am in favor of full control. But really for defensive spray, in fact, the damage to exaggerate the victim after the bad guys use isn't completely lose resistance degree, why? Because defensive spray jet distance and intensity are very limited, and the price is expensive, the use of this spray as crime tool cost is too high, and simple for deterrence, really is not as good as a bright knife. No matter domestic or abroad, for now, use defensive spray as a weapon in the case is really rare. Abroad, there are using spray is example USES the basic offensive spray, that is why I also support to fully control the cause of the offensive spray in robbery criminals use offensive spray grab some cases, it even has more excellent effect than guns and knives.
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