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Self-defense electric batons reported small make up the communication university of China girl killed the murderer was caught - taking sport Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Self-defense electric batons small make up the summer pay attention to their own safety to avoid personal and financial loss for self-defense electric batons small make up these years I often ran out, what also didn't meet. Once a ancient village in huangshan, I myself up in the morning, before you know it deep to the village, around the empty. Coming up behind the wobbly a guy like a mental illness. This is the only way, I push the door, whiles conveniently, flash. Prepare one thousand circumstance I take flowerpot hit residents window. Of course, Mr Psychiatric ignore, swagger. So, don't worry about how to end after, improve prognosis, as far as possible to get things. Self-defense electric batons, small make up suggest more legal system program to set up the correct ideas, watch less beautiful idol drama, a little knowledge to real society. Know that this world is complex, has a good side like a prime-time advertising, also someone will really crime for 100 dollars, will be trivial heart of evil thoughts. When you know about these bizarre break, will naturally improve the anticipation of the event. Although can't do all the eye, but there will be some alert to danger. Transposition thinking, if you are a bad person, before you commit crime always pay attention to the object, particularly if it is found that the other party in details the guard, who also don't want to give oneself increment is difficult. Self-defense is a girl go out standard equipment, rod strengthening ego to protect consciousness.
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