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by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Self-defense electric batons self-defense high-voltage electric batons self-defense electric batons high-pressure sales calls price 16 years ultimate extended edition self-defense electric batons and luxuriant, super bright lighting, lighting distance can reach above 300 meters. 80 million V high voltage electric shock + microcomputer intelligent five file blasting flash, equipped with two 18650 strong rechargeable lithium batteries. Removable battery, from then on don't have to worry about the battery, air at the same time, this product USES the high strength alloy material, super resistance to hit. Home to travel, security defense for acura. Self-defense electric batons features: five gears microcomputer blasting flash function, ultra-high pressure instantly stun, two 18650 lithium batteries removable, aerospace aluminum alloy material, super fine workmanship, gift southwest commodity use foreign CREE bulb, from then on don't have to worry about the light bulb will be burned! Self-defense electric batons urgent reminder: many friends reflect received goods boxes are damaged, this is because this product is all metal, heavier, and a long box, although with foam packaging, both inside and outside but hard to avoid damage in transit, if you receive the goods, found that the box is broken, please forgive me, we assure you of our products are 100% authentic. In addition, this product support package in full refund within 30 days. Exclusive quality goods, ultimate defense high-quality goods of 2014, we want to purchase promptly. How to open the microcomputer intelligent five gears blasting flash mode? 1. First press the tail switch, open the insurance. ( Insurance is a high-grade silicone button, need to force to press the oh) 2. Lighting button, make the product the floodlight in & other; Bright & throughout; The status of the 3. Light on the tail of the silicone button ( It) is the insurance! ! ! , each time you press the automatic conversion state at a time. ( Press button at this point the tail insurance do not force, according to what is to shut off the power, the light press)
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