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Self-defense electric batons self-defense parents let children charged rod p - to go to school Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Self-defense electric batons charged police school self-defense self-defense electric parents let children electric batons self-defense electric small make up reports: recently, parents let her daughter with electric batons and mores road at school. Ms. Li with small make up multiple crossroads near visited school, corner, electric government post road, along the way and the alley between the two communities, and even LouDaoKou also became a case to self-defense electric batons self-defense small make up see when they visit four or five tall high thin rod social youths wearing dark glasses, stopped around after school students to money, also scare students from the words. Mores have a stall selling phone CARDS, on the road at the same time, there are also sell barbecue and luncheonette vendor, small make up in the chat with the vendors know that began last year in the three students after school, fighting events began to accumulate, increase the punks began to blackmail students phenomenon, self-defense rod electric batons self-defense to small make up also know this year things have improved, but the phenomenon of students fighting blackmail will occur. Some shopkeepers tell small make up students after school had better not go to the store to buy things this can easily be targeted, some punks stared at a short distance away. Ms. Li told self-defense rod electric batons self-defense to small make up; Because his daughter was in high school, and heard the school with gangsters to blackmail students happen, especially for the visiting survey found on campus with the seniors of extortion junior student happened, several senior student around a junior student want money, because the junior students don't have enough money was playing cry, after the teacher didn't know he told students strengthen self-protection. Later to the parents of many parents know now. Self-defense small make up rod electric batons self-defense to understand parents in order to ensure the safety of children, ms li parents told children don't alone every time such as shop near the school, not to go to the line of sight is not good place such as the small alley, and even some parents let children take electric batons self-defense, etc. Self-defense rod electric batons self-defense to WWW. fsqczm。 com
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