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Self-defense electric batons small make up attention: because of shooting by a forced back to the police station by police, the police rough justice - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Self-defense electric batons small make up attention: because of filming police rough justice was forced back to the police station by police with batons beat self-defense electric batons small make up reports: objective, said police college students in lanzhou & other; Ass open flowers & throughout; On the plot is not the most severe and harsh. First of all, lanzhou hitting the police tend to hit people, like parents education child, was more in the play the fart fart, moreover, & other; Add a cry under 5 & throughout; Also very dramatic, this is obviously not a crucial position, intact; Second, the local county public security bureau also very honest, quickly response to the matter, both have the courage to admit the fact that hit people, and has been involved civilian police to handle. Such an attitude, compared with the case, Beijing changping is good too. However, & other; Ass open flowers & throughout; To cause the public's fear, is not inferior to other events. Questioned the police, the police will face the fact that they have been beaten, also which is apparently not a local problem, but a problem of widespread violence. Borrow & other; Ass open flowers & throughout; Such a case, does that mean this is grassroots police violence hitting a normalized samples? At least judging from the reaction of the netizens, the police beating problem. Self-defense electric batons small make up recently saw, titled 'an old police story of piao' articles on the web. Recalls, the article, police and other In my impression, almost all policeman hit anybody, police are also often communicate with each other person's thoughts and feelings, with some excitement and pride, as if the object is a very brave to boast about. ” In the face of such situation, we each have a chance to deal with the police of ordinary people, will not naturally feel the cool wind behind. As for a few years ago that in the detention house & other; Peek-a-boo throughout & death; 、“ Go to the toilet throughout & death; 、“ Take a shower throughout & death; To wait, also not a figment of the news. Look around the world, the misuse of police force is also a common problem. Upon the police this group, there has never been a specious paradox & ndash; — Because the public security department itself is an organ of state and government of violence, they must be had the power of the use of violence, police group is on behalf of the government and the state to law enforcement, and there is no tiger tooth, is sick cats, as a result, the police must be very easy to become an important part of the rule of law of violence. Violence and power, but the problem is that once without constraints may charge of not to live, can let users become addicted. Movie 'the imitation game,' have such a dialogue, & other; Do you know why people like to use violence? Because it feels good. Human feel satisfying to use violence. ” Addiction, violence for groups all have the right to use violence, all seems to be a matter of the will. To prevent violent addiction to constraint power, which is to protect the rights of citizens. Power and right, that is, the flux of the contradiction between both parties. Civil servants to the border with power, civil rights will inevitably suffer. “ LeiYang case & throughout; So, & other; Ass open flowers & throughout; The also is such. For now, to regulate the use of violence in the police power, has become a relevant departments must carry out the work. Otherwise, an omnipotent being swallowed, in the end, which seriously damages the social justice, and can damage the government's credibility, will also hurt the police themselves. Self-defense electric batons, self-defense electric shocks
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