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Self-defense electric batons small make up teach: meet the subway outage? - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Self-defense electric batons small make up teach: meet the subway outage? 1. Self-defense electric batons prompt blackouts occurred in the platform. When suddenly into a dark, platform waiting for the staff before broadcasting explanation and evacuation, please wait in situ, don't panic. The platform will immediately start the accident lighting. 2. Self-defense electric batons prompt trains running in the tunnel when a power outage. At this time, please patience wait for rescuers arrived. Rescue workers will be suspended temporarily no contact rail side of the ladder and open the door, and passengers should be according to the rescuers command progressive down to the tunnel, and in the direction of the station or designated evacuation. Pay attention to when the evacuation in single row, followed by staff along the designated route to evacuate. 3. Self-defense electric batons hint when widespread power outages along the metro lines in the tube stock crisis lighting system will ensure 45 minutes to 1 hour battery lighting. Passengers if on the platform, by listening to radio within the station, after confirmation for large-scale power outages, should quickly along the evacuation guide marks or nearby in under the command of the staff take the time to leave the station. ) Self-defense electric batons, self-defense electric shocks
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