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Self-defense - electric batons structure commonly used function Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Self-defense electric batons structure commonly used function of self-defense design small portable electric batons, exquisite appearance design. Self-defense might generally USES the built-in battery with high frequency oscillation circuit, increase the output current, self-defense electric batons large-capacity dc discharge output energy to achieve the original impulse type more than a few times. Self-defense might use convenient just charge a few hours before use. Self-defense electric batons for self-defense only not just, self-defense electric batons and lighting use, general self-defense electric batons are the only have this kind of work can, general self-defense electric batons manufacturer can design a switch in self-defense electric batons hand place, easy to use, usually formal self-defense electric books have indicate the method of use. Matters needing attention of use! With electric shock human limbs advisable, time is generally not more than 2 - shock 5 seconds, the gunman lose attacks and resistance ability, is not to shock, in order to avoid accidents. ! It is forbidden to shock the body head, heart and other important organs area; Please do not touch a heart attack or device equipped with cardiac pacing. ! It is strictly prohibited to old person, children, women and infirm. Self-defense electric batons WWW. fsqczm。 com
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