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by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Legitimacy holds a self-defense electric stick not illegal, but different electric batons to crime. Self-defense equipment, is available on the market, but no clear provisions of the state belongs to illegal to sell or hold, if people bought to self-defense is not illegal, but if used to crime, such a self-defense equipment became & other; Crime tools & throughout; , of course, nature has changed, even if illegal. Lawyer said: & other; Hold not illegal & throughout; Metaphor said: & other; As sulfuric acid, the right to keep and use, it is the commonly used reagent in chemical experiment, but if used to pour people, that is crime. ” The power of electric batons to buy on the net of high voltage electric batons and holds it is not illegal to self-defense, however, these powerful supplies if use undeserved, will show how much is dangerous. “ In civil standard, buying restrictions and specifications, etc. , the country's relevant departments should be aimed at these goods more formal rules, ensure self-defense equipment for real & lsquo; Self-defense & rsquo; 。 Electric shocks can beat thugs, stun, how long to recover? High voltage electric shock can let the gunman was numb, limb weakness, 3 - 5 minutes will lose the capacity to attack or commit crime, and psychological causes bigger deterrent! What is the range of electric batons? Self-defense equipment like shocks are all need to contact electrical shock; For liquid spray products can be effective in 3 meters distance against the offender. Net gun range within 10 meters. Latest models, functions, most of car charger, riot high-voltage electric of cheap fake goods on the market by more than ninety percent, only the electric spark, to electricity, electricity dogs were perfunctory hemp, how can also achieve corona? Also how to get to self-defense? Real prices in 300 - electric batons Between 550, lower than the cost price 300 is fake. Lower than the cost price range, we must carefully consider what is the primary source, what manufacturers direct marketing is an excuse, you won't buy fake unjust gain. In the face of temptation self-defense electric batons, everyone must be on hold, don't be fake sellers of all kinds of excuses to say tempted, new type high voltage X5 riot on-board electric batons introduction: voltage: sixty million v size: 20. 5 X 3。 3厘米; Weight: 300 g; Material: aerospace titanium alloy; Functions: three critical flash, zoom, high-voltage electric shock, waterproof, on-board charge; Charging: quick charge 3 hours, reliable battery performance, the standby time 2 months. Price: RMB 320 batteries can be external, hernia lamp, do manual work is delicate, is the first choice for you to buy medium-sized electric!
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