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by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
In our current society, the promotion is everywhere, you dear friends and know the working principle of self-defense electric products? Its principle is through the transformer, high voltage pulse instantaneous generation stun the biological or lead to its brief loss of consciousness, the purpose of self-defense. The working principle of high pressure low flow is not cause impact on health. This product is only for self-defense, forbidden for weapons to attack other people! To reiterate: only for self-defense, can not be used for illegal purposes. Electronic hand-held electronic self-defense self-defense electric electric batons, composed a transistor BG oscillator, after storage for SCR automatic discharge circuit to generate high voltage. The rod self-defense, small volume, low power consumption, only a v batteries for power supply can discharge three thousand times, the use of safe and reliable. A oscillator circuit consists of a transistor BG to 1. 5 v dc after T1 booster, D rectifier, C3 after storage for SCR automatic discharge circuit. After turn on the switch S, C3 on both ends of the voltage rising, when the self-defense electric voltage rises to a certain value, ( 400 v or so commonly, set by R3) On the moveable arm of a silicon controlled rectifier in R3 get a reliable trigger voltage, make the silicon controlled SCR conduction. Thus C3 in the secondary voltage is added on a step-up transformer T2 primary and in T2 secondary induction pulse high voltage ten thousand v, the ignition electrode between 3 - 4 mm arc to complete self-defense discharge.
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