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by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Liuzhou shipping address community one female residents breathe freely with the door open after go home, did not think of a masked men holding rod breaking in, also after rob to tie its hands and feet with duct tape. 1 wore masks to the village was caught at about 3 PM on June 16, shipping address in the 8 small area public security downstairs, found a man wearing a face mask in wandering in the district, the heart immediately nervous, because he had heard on June 2, the village in a home invasion robbery, the suspect was also wearing a face mask. Security will be the suspected man stopped, and notify the five CARDS of the policemen. See the police come, man was initially said to village to find a friend. Police asked his friend's information, man answer dare not look into civilian police, veiled. Police searched for the man have a important discoveries. Men carry with electric discharge function, adhesive tape, there is a pink phone. Man argues that is to help our friends make decoration, so I need these things. Police by visiting the masses to understand, just this month, village one luo female residents was burglary, another female residents ZhanXing stolen a mobile phone in the home. Associated with the man who carried by tools, and a pink phone, police decided to its back to the police station for investigation. On inquiring, suspected man surnamed dragon, 32 years old this year, the map of rongan. 2 open air permeability by masked men robbed after back to the police station, police on June 2 of burglary Lord ms. After crime, ms was robber threat, so has been didn't dare to report. Statements by the ms, June 2, 7 PM, she came home from the outside, because feel some boring, and then open the door. When she was sitting on the sofa in the rest, something terrible happened, a man ran in. Men wearing masks, dressed in a black hooded clothing, with a hat the whole head block. After taking the door, the man took out a piece of electric, electric also issued several discharge noise. 'Take out your money! 'Masked men. Ms hurriedly put the mobile phone in a bottom, sit in tightly. Man tried to Laura, but as a biro thin, without success. Bring the network diagram. 'I don't want to be your life, just want to ask some money. 'Listen to suspect said, so ms pointed to the side of the package, said the money in the bag. Masked men from the bags turned out 800 yuan in cash. Due to turn less than other valuables ', the man decided to leave. Leave, he took out a prepared from on tape, bundles of the hands and feet, electric batons, had harsh words at the same time, if ms alarm, there will be trouble in the future. 3 claims to imitate online video commit crime at noon on June 15,, live with ms ms chan of the same unit put the phone on the sofa in the home, for sleeping forget close the door, and woke up, found that mobile phone was stolen. Police after careful inspection, found that Long Mou carry mobile phones, is Ms. Zhan stolen phones. Eventually Long Mou admits, sailing in a address village home invasion robbery and burglary crime fact. Long Mou said he was working in liuzhou, was later dismissed by the boss. After he lost his job, he saw on the Internet related to rob video, decided to give it a try. He bought the bucking and masks, came to the village. Dragon, said he did not open the lock technology, because of the special, find those who forget to close the door of residents implementation robbery or theft. At present, the dragon has criminal detention by the police.
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