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by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Human security and safety equipment market is growing at 13%, is expected to reach $52 billion by 2023 value. In spite of the huge market, but you don't have to spend a lot of money on safety equipment. Continue reading some personal safety equipment sample without breaking the bank. All content in this article will cost less than $50, let you feel more secure. Travel alerts you one of the most vulnerable time is a time when you travel. You are in a strange and unfamiliar city, living in a strange hotel. Through personal and travel alert, you can protect yourself and ensure your safety. The personal safety device of the first function is through the act as a personal alert to protect you. Travel alerts you need to pull the power cord to the device at the top of the can. You will activate a grating type alarm, until you will down power button in the top will stop. Once you have arrived at the hotel or any place, you can personal alarm will be used for mini safety equipment. Just point to the door, the integrated passive infrared will monitor movement. Any 30 degrees area and 10 feet movement can trigger the alert. Electric shock stick this is a charged electric ones. Any person contact with you will get a strong shock. The longer the length of the baton, for those encountered in work, or when walking or running safely dog person effect is very good. Electric shock stick handle with rubber handle, can hold the baton. Then along the length of the barrel to contact with their strong vibrations of anyone. A baton is used as the flashlight with functions of three different patterns and stroboscopic, low frequency and the upper beam. So it is in your hands, prepared to offer 12 million volts. In order to increase the protection, please put a wrist strap on your wrist. If the baton from you away and strap automatically pulled out a needle and disable the baton. Dizzy ring most stun guns is bigger, need your entire hand to seize them. The sting ring much smaller volume, hand can hardly see it. Stun guns better is that it is simple to use. You need to do is to close the safety devices and squeeze your handle. After contact, it will provide 18 million volts for your attacker. When you come home, insert your finger with the attached charge stun guns. Taser stun guns these days, everyone's hand holding a mobile phone. Therefore, this is very suitable for mobile phone taser into and provide security for you. This is the size and shape of the mobile phone, it seems that each part. The only difference is that the phone will be 4. The speed of 9 ma output 12 million volts. False dome camera when people think they are being watched, they will become a better person. A study by the Newcastle scientists found that when the cafeteria posters from flowers to people, there are two times clean up their waste. Just someone may be observed ideas or thoughts influence the people to change their behavior. You can use this research to change the behavior of customers. In your shop to install a fake hemispherical camera, entice people to think that someone watching them. In order to increase its authenticity, a flashing LED. Soda can secure the best hiding place is just around the corner. The thief as usually place valuables. They never consider the place is your soda cans. It is very safe to hide your small valuables, like jewelry or cash. You need to do is to unscrew the top and the items into it. Then put your soda cans make its mixing place somewhere. You can put it in your other food room behind the cans of soda. Or you can use other cold cans of soda put it in the fridge. Key knife you can put the self-defense key knife in your keychain, nobody would know. You can even through the metal detector rather than to shut it down. It by the shock of the ABS plastic, provide durable key chain for you. It has a different color, shaped like a dog, is very suitable to hide their true purpose. Slide the finger holes and clenched fists. Now you have a safe way to protect yourself. This is a more effective to upgrade, can slide between your fingers buttons. Lipstick alarm this personal alarm for hope on yourself a little bit of security for women is a perfect safety recommendations. All you need to do is put it in your wallet, it seems like other lipstick tube. You can put the tube in the palm of your hand, and easy to hide the fact that you have it. If someone happened to see it, then for the real purpose of lipstick tube, they will no longer be wise. When you feel threatened, you need to do is to pull the top, 100 db would ring. Hear the voice is enough to make anyone who passes by. Which security gadgets for you? In terms of your personal safety, you don't need to spend a lot of money to buy safety equipment. You need to do is to choose a way to make you feel safe and confident. Focus on you feel unsafe, and find a solution to the lack of safety caution. Browse our shop, find perfect security solutions meet your requirements
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