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Self-defense knowledge base - rod Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
The ancients cloud: & other; There shall be no harm a person heart, prevent the heart of the people do not & throughout; , we need to raise awareness of society, it is ready. Buy self-defense equipment for your family, property, more peace. 1. Self-defense might have what function? Self-defense equipment mainly include electric shocks, light, liquid spray, alarm and other functions. 2. How electric batons self-defense? What's the electric shock, liquid spray for? Exertion of products produced by high over electric shocks or liquid spray functions can have the effect of self-defense. High voltage electric shock can cause each other body numb, hypodynamia, instantaneous loss of ability to do evil; Liquid spray effect is mainly tear, gives the other of a temporary loss of vision, strong cough of the upper respiratory tract, comfortable, 10 minutes later to return to normal, it can make you win time alarm or escape from dangerous place. 3. What is the range of electric batons? Self-defense equipment like shocks are all need to contact electrical shock; For liquid spray products can be in 1. 5 - 3 m distance effectively against the offender. Net gun range within 10 meters. 4. Electric shocks can beat thugs, stun, how long to recover? High voltage electric shock can let the gunman was numb, limb weakness, or stun, according to the different personal physical and electrical parts, 3 - Five minutes or even half an hour will lose the capacity to attack or commit crime, and psychological causes bigger deterrent! More and more big gap between the rich and social psychology become unbalanced, social security is very sick. Social news always little not every day, such as home theft, robbery, kidnapping and murder of vicious criminal cases, face the reality, you have a sense of security? You considered safe for your family? Especially bosses, managers, tender women, motorists, drivers, business personnel, security guard, the guard, defense, if there are any accident and danger, what can I do?
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