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Self-defense knowledge sharing - — How to correctly use pepper spray - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Of all the women's self-defense equipment, coyotes sprays should be the best choice, it can lose damage caused to the other party, in a short time for us to strive for the time, so we should how to correctly use coyotes spray? First of all, should put the coyotes spray carry on hand can take place, such as bags, pocket. Then took the Wolf to meet a need to use the spray, spray; Turn around, run; Tore heart crack lung of cry for help from time to time. After use: 1, if encounter are in poor physical quality, equipment, spare robbers, but the crazy flay the robbers after injection spray, under the condition of its was the blackout of the trouser pocket, estimates that can intercept the other a spray bottle of money. Lucky, you can also use his money to take a taxi home. 2, if use the coyotes have no effect after spray, was he overtook absolutely wanted to resist, because, anyone like to knead a soft persimmon and become angry from embarrassment to kill your possibility is extremely high. 3, the best choice, regardless of the other party to have under control, get out, into a city, there are a lot of people place. Finally remind everybody, pay attention to safety, must be buy a pepper spray on the side for a rainy day.
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