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Self-defense might use need to know: - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Self-defense might use need to know: 1. Self-defense device please don't put wet place, not in the sun, rain, do not put in high and low temperature environment; Ban on metal objects electric shocks. 2. Self-defense electric internal main structure by the integration of high quality of integrated blocks and rechargeable nimh battery. External main structure is mainly composed of ABS hard glue new light electric cylinder high-pressure self-defense electric batons new light electric cylinder high-pressure self-defense electric batons pressure of injection molding and metal materials, usually in the front of the product has a pair of electric shock or a number of metal head, back-end switch with electric shock of insurance, according to the electric switch, which can produce a strong shock. 3. Self-defense self-defense device with electric shock gangster limbs advisable, rod gangster lose resistance ability, is not to shock. It is strictly prohibited for children to use, or shock head, heart and other vital organs. 4. New self-defense self-defense razor factory in the discharge state, should be charged before use, with the with dedicated charger or charge since any plugs line, charging current cannot be too much; Charger can't meet the polarity; In the process of charging and charge shall not be used within five minutes after electric shock function, otherwise it will affect the product life; In 6 - charging time Eight hours or so, otherwise will shorten the battery life, and even cause the battery blowout, damage to the battery. Storage for a month, should check and charge, more than a month long stored, should be put in a dry, well ventilated room, should be to charge on a monthly basis. Charging should be used in 5 minutes or use the electric shock after illumination, otherwise easy to damage the light bulb. Self-defense electric principle: by transformer, high voltage pulse instantaneous generation stun contact biological or lead to a shock, the purpose of self-defense, classification: according to the length is divided into large, medium, portable; According to the function is divided into single function, multi-functional; According to the using range is divided into, civilian police.
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