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Self-defense rod electric batons to the working principle of this product only can be used for justifiable defense - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Dear friends if they know the working principle of electric batons products? Self-defense electric batons its principle is through the transformer, high voltage pulse instantaneous generation stun the biological or lead to its brief loss of consciousness, the purpose of self-defense. The working principle of high pressure low flow is not cause impact on health. Is only for self-defense self-defense electric products, it is strictly prohibited for weapons to attack other people! To reiterate: only for self-defense, can not be used for illegal purposes. First said electric batons self-defense circuit principle of electric shock stick BG1, BG2 and B1 ac, dc converter, B1 booster after the QL bridge rectifier to C2. BG3, BG4 big multivibrator composed of hollow coefficient, it output pulse triggering thyristor three ct5 conduction. Capacitance C2 by 3 ct5 and B2, B3, B4 primary discharge. And B2, B3, B4 each sub facies series nearly thousands of volts output voltage. When the function selector switch K in 1 location for the use of lighting the torch. Components production transformer B1 in medium wave magnet intercept 20 mm and 30 mm long two paragraphs, each wound coil with epoxy resin glue into buccal glyph magnetic ring. Each winding data as shown in figure. Do better with E11 form magnetic core. B2, B3, B4 use commercially available XD type 380 v / 6. Level 3 v lamp transformer, first used in reverse, the original six. 3 v secondary parallel to make primary, original 380 v junior secondary together. Attention should be paid to the secondary voltage phase in series connection, the output voltage. BG1 and BG2 & beta; As far as possible close to value should be greater than 60, and performance. Debug adjust dc ac converter first make B1 secondary voltage above 200 v, connected to 39 k load should not be less than 160 v. After connection of the whole machine, lh-zd ablaze, high-voltage pulse transformer issue & other Pa, pa & throughout; The sound. The voltmeter 咵 between SCR Yang, cathode, meters maximum swing should be close to 150 v. Oscillation period should more than wipe oscillator and C2 charging cycle synchronization, which should be in the C2 when charged multivibrator trigger thyristor pulse arrival. This can be achieved by repeatedly adjust the value of R2, C2 and C3 to balance each other, in order to synchronization, as far as possible in order to obtain the best output. After adjusted the high-voltage pulse frequency in the 60 - minute 120 times. Using the high voltage generator and more than 3 million volt rechargeable batteries produced severe shock, make offenders to produce a strong electric shock feeling, whole body numb, hypodynamia, instantaneous loss of ability to do evil, and the working principle of the high pressure low flow is not cause any harm. When use close to the body or on the other side. Principle is through the transformer, high voltage pulse instantaneous generation stun the biological or lead to its brief loss of consciousness, the purpose of self-defense. The working principle of high pressure low flow is not cause impact on health. This product is only for self-defense, forbidden for weapons to attack other people! A lot of people electric shock stick stick have maintained a very vague concept, since the power supplied to the electric shock stick stick from development to use, after I was always by the public security, security and national armed police force is equipped with equipment. For ordinary people is can not make protective equipment. So everyone is known to the knowledge of the electric shock stick stick half a solution. Let me for you to analyze, the basic working principle of electric shock stick stick, a few days ago, everyone with electric batons electric ones. First of all we want to electric shock stick stick to analyze appearance, electric batons shape, like a stick, then has also been improved for the convenience of carrying type also made square. The principle of electric shock stick stick: the main is to ordinary dc low voltage by high voltage converter, will grasp the change for high voltage pulse, pulse shock to shock formation. Current by electric shock stick stick front two positive and negative pole, in the current work can be applauded thrilling sound, and accompanied by a high voltage spark. Let a person see the creeps. At the same time, the front end of self-defense electric batons to design high pressure glare, a lot of people think this is for the convenience of night lighting use. In fact this is wrong, this function is far from being the case, high-pressure glare, main is also designed to self-defense, is when you meet the gunman, glare to the other person's eyes, the predator's eyes can momentarily blind 1 minute or so, this will make you very easily is the uniform of the gunman. High voltage electric shock struck the other side of the neck, to let the other side completely lost their resistance.
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