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Self-defense skills outdoor self-defense necessary - 10 Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Remember, your elbow is the strongest where you. If can, must be used. If robbers asked you for wallet, remember to pick up the wallet lost to the distance. In general, he will be more interested in your wallet than you. When he turned that way, you want to desperately to run in the opposite direction. If robbers rob package directly, don't loathe to give up, give it to him. Life is important. If there are any burglary, had better not talk. Stay awake. Don't try to talk to him distract his attention, he know you want to do, don't verbal stimulation, not a lot of eye contact. The general robbers burglary just for money, and the sooner the better. But if you don't words to stimulate or cooperation, so he will use & other; Throughout his way &; Tell you, who is now have the initiative. But if you can go to the balcony, or all can contact with the outside world, please take all the things that can sound, calling for help. Generally if robbers found that others know his behavior, will be in a hurry to leave. If you be thrown into the trunk, then you have to play hard after the headlights. After such as headlights after being kicked off, put your arms out from the hole to wield. The driver can't see you, but we can see another car. The save a life. Back to you after work if you like the car sat stunned or play mobile phone, it's best to break the habit. This is the most perfect time criminals into the driving seat or back seat, sword against your neck make you convenient driving to his crime. So you'd better get on the car then lock the door to leave. If someone has already jumped into your car with a weapon to you, don't drive to where he called you to go. You should start the car, with the fastest speed to your nearest any wall, tree, etc. Airbag will save you. If the criminal is in the back seat, he will be hurt very badly. If you can, hit by a car when leaving your car and then call for help. If you can't leave, I believe you have also been attracted enough attention. Remember, you're dead, rather than not many days later, naked was found somewhere desolate places the haystack. (
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