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by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Child with a kitchen knife to cut cut to, afraid of light is maize vigorous action go away empty-handed, with police clash is not realistic, but their crimes and crimes not die, a shot to the head appears is inhuman. This time, the taser can play, can not only in keeping criminals there can let them lose resistance ability, at the same time also can reduce the risk of police sorghum, is called the taser in hand, all I have! Although the taser grow with ordinary gun is very similar, just a little card wow Iraq, but it is not a bullet, mainly by launching a charged & other Darts & throughout; To uniform the criminals. Quickly pull the trigger, the cartridge in high pressure nitrogen release, two electrodes are emitted from the gun barrel, to see the two & other; Small darts & throughout; Yet? It in front of barb, as long as each other's clothes hook, the battery in the gun barrel through insulated copper wire release the pressure, then was hit only muscle spasms, collapses, huddled up. Although the maximum range of taser only 7 meters, but you also don't want to escape from its talons, its built-in laser can help users quickly target, and & other; Darts & throughout; The firing rate of 60 meters per second, but also to discharge through the 5 cm thick clothes.
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