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Setting up a 'sewage treatment plant' - small mountain village Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Low low interview location: mengyin crib ZhuangZhenDong Meng Lianggu village respondents: she fish, 56, low identity: east village villagers Meng Lianggu herald reporter wang wei some special Spring Festival this year, not only carry the people home for years, and hope, but also because of new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak of infection, and make people more alert and critical to the environment. But let mengyin crib ZhuangZhenDong Meng Lianggu village she was gratified that fish village new embarking on a big project this year - — Sewage concentrated treatment facilities, living environment significantly on a stage. The new home are often the most exciting rural dry, not health, the current epidemic, and easy to spread the virus. But in east Meng Lianggu village, the worry is redundant, because here, like residential area of the city sewage has realized the centralized collection, centralized treatment, can't smell smell, more see open sewers. Meng Lianggu east village is a new rural community, every household to live is a new court single-family two-storey houses, rows of unified planning, strewn at random have send, she home lay there at the fish. Rural domestic sewage shall control the biggest problem is collecting, and because east Meng Lianggu village housing planning sewage pipes are cloth good in advance, for the subsequent sewage concentrated treatment facilities built during the many. The whole village sewage were 'given'? She fish with economic herald reporters came to the village head of sewage treatment station. The station, 'the sparrow is small all-sided', collected wastewater by septic tanks through the grille, adjusting pool, pool anaerobic pool, MBR membrane pool, clear water reserviors level 5 filtered, realizes discharging standard. The whole process was carried out in underground, can't smell smell and hear the noise of the machine, the 'power + surface flow wetland sewage treatment facilities' governance model, service 150 villagers, the village day processing sewage 100 square. 'The sewage station is PLC microcomputer automatic processing system, the electrical equipment of the key using a with a case, the comprehensive cost only 0. 34 yuan/ton. 'She said. More it is worth mentioning that stand by sewage treatment of the sewage and the last link - — Will end after clear water reserviors, sewage depth processing flow to the surface flow wetland. In the darkened, is a typical mountain area county village scattered distribution. It is understood that the county village feeling for different characteristics and population distribution, on the control of sewage, insist on classification ShiCe, takes a policy, by exploring the ecological treatment mode, has already formed the multiple differentiation of rural sewage treatment methods, the east village of Meng Lianggu pattern is just one of them. At present, the county has built 44 rural sewage treatment facilities, 120 Wang Tang ecological governance, covering 128 villages in communities, more than 10 peasants, shall become the province county rural sewage treatment pioneer. , electric batons
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