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by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

let admirer sigh and wondrous chaser, and couldn't work in Shanghai, you can not only get the products you need, at the same time, you can also get relevant technical support and services. Because we have strong technical capabilities, at the same time, we know that provide users with excellent service is our fundamental business.
digital push pull gauge USES:
SG - HF series digital push pull meter is a kind of high precision small portable pull and pressure testing instrument. Widely used in high and low voltage electrical appliances, electronics, five golden locks, car accessories, lighters and ignition device, pen, light industry, construction, fishing gear, textile, chemical, machinery, such as the IT industry and scientific research institutions for tension and compression load, insertion force test, test, etc. , is a new generation of digital type pressure testing instrument.
digital push pull function characteristics:
high precision high resolution.
automatic shutdown time setting function.
battery capacity display function.
a large screen display.
backlight function.
turn LCD liquid crystal display function.
six test mode, selection of three kinds of display mode maximum improve test efficiency.
  N( Newton) 公斤( Kg) 磅( Lb) Three kinds of measuring units to choose from, a mutual conversion.
the gravitational acceleration setting function the user can enter a more accurate use of acceleration of gravity. Make test and unit conversion is more accurate.
peak value holding function. Keep the peak until manually reset.
data storage function, can store a test value.
data output function, can the data through the data into a computer to do all kinds of analysis.
green environmental protection, the minutes without automatic shutdown operation.
automatic peak function, maintain peak value seconds automatically after lifting.
can be set on the floor and do statistical analysis comparison value.
high quality charging power supply. Charging voltage available from V to V, can adapt to domestic and foreign most of the region. Also the function of short, leakage, overload.
the characteristic of the switch contacts on and off force test function, make more accurate switch on and off force test.
sets of installation size, to adapt to a variety of test machines at home and abroad, convenience for the users to install to the machine. A way, order

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2, cod payment
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