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Shaoxing press wenzhou wenzhou no refund

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

it's several joy several sorrow. 'Enterprise of zhejiang province in list released recently, into the' top ', hangzhou has home, ningbo and shaoxing reached home, only home and wenzhou. Does that mean more than the population of permanent residents of shaoxing in zhejiang's economic status has been close to or even beyond wenzhou, wenzhou traditional 'old' status will be confirmed?
promoters association of entrepreneurs in zhejiang province, the list of zhejiang enterprises have issued times in a row, the standard is in accordance with internationally accepted the enterprise revenues from the previous year, therefore has the authority and credibility. Organizers said, from wenzhou to enterprise of 'reducing year by year, the main reason is' a lot of capital in wenzhou like Fried estate planning, ore, etc. , and the real economy ', so that the wenzhou industrial 'hollowing out'. As speculative bubble burst, the wenzhou economy struggling overnight.
and the enterprise of zhejiang wenzhou largely concentrated in the electrical section. This home wen qi, chint, people, delixi, was located at liushi, huatong, popular music home with belong to the electric version, and the pillar industry in wenzhou - — Clothes, shoes, leather, In the production of shoe aokang company on the list) , glasses, lighters, razors, auto parts and other industrial enterprises,, no one on the list.
it seems that wenzhou industrial enterprise competition weak, fragile, especially the quantity and quality of the industrial enterprises above designated size, and the gap is more and more big, the shaoxing eventually for shaoxing comprehensive transcendence, the trend of The Times.
yesterday, wenzhou released a 'e-government research' will be wenzhou again service at all levels of the real economy, to a disclosure: 'wenzhou $each year commodity is through yiwu export; Every day more than a container, a Mercedes in wenzhou - Yiwu on expressway '. Why wenzhou enterprises prefer to further go to yiwu? , in a nutshell, is the good service, yiwu commodity export hashing out of trouble. The ultimate result is: one of the small enterprises 'tearful' leave wenzhou, migrate.
'wenzhou has no capital worth showing off', 'the real economy strong enough is the fundamental of the development of wenzhou catch up. 'Wenzhou in wenzhou economy by officials and the masses turn tide situation, has the understanding.
at present, wenzhou is introduced various initiatives, one thousand ways to develop the real economy, wenzhou will also with the help of a national commodity export policy adjustment, to strengthen the construction of port and improve customs clearance, direct goods overseas, to restore the loss of enterprise to wenzhou.
number of enterprise of zhejiang shaoxing full beyond 'of wenzhou, wenzhou industrial economy and making a few years in shaoxing produce a large distance. In the face of other cities in the province approaches such as jinhua, jiaxing, taizhou, zhejiang 'old' wenzhou has never retreat. At present, wenzhou is by the real economy and merchants 'two regression', turn around, 'glory', the department to service the economy and society, also will open a new chapter. ( Wu Fengxu)
  ( The original title: shaoxing press wenzhou, wenzhou no refund)
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