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Shenzhen port congestion hours - female guest water with electric batons down the police Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Down the police waiting at futian port of big ostentation and extravagance dragon May 23 passengers, reporter received a number of netizens revealed that, on May 22, futian port appear a large number of staff retention, their reaction from Hong Kong returned to shenzhen for several hours before the close. There are passengers during an emotional and wounded the immigration police at the scene to keep order. Witnesses said that the immigration police department by a female passenger carrying electric batons wounds. 'Water guest' gathered encroachments from May 22 in the evening, some netizens in succession in weibo, their circle of friends to social networks, says in the futian port stranded, spent an hour or two in transit bridge only move a few steps forward. Netizen 'Seasue said,' two hours haven't went out to futian port, such as four fifty-minute only 10 meters, people put feet trample feet, anxious people Shouting, the age and the old man and the age of three or four children so guys trapped in the deep one feet shallow one feet, once a little signs of moving, the crowd a wave a wave surge forward. Have net friend say, thousands of people can only stand, no water to drink, electric batons, not something to eat, also can't go to the bathroom. And interest rates, according to disappear of dahuang customs day 15:30 points or so, carry a big luggage entry 'water guest' suddenly increased, in futian port Hong Kong bridge from one side, and began to gather, electric batons, many of these 'water guest' carry 'trailer' 40 to 60 kilograms, trying to take over the weekend the passenger travel peak into the crowd. Due to return to Hong Kong to passengers in rush hour, with big bags 'water guest' gathered in front of the channel, the normal passengers pass channel crowding, cause the port congestion, slow customs clearance. According to conservative estimates, dahuang customs clearance on 22 May 7. 80000 passengers, there are more people to 'water'. In view of the related dynamic, dahuang customs for big luggage one by one, the machine inspection; In the computer case abnormal short-term many passengers, baggage and have a lot of illegal record unpacking check the luggage carried by passengers; Strengthen the declaration order control, to prevent creating confusion at the scene, 'water guest' escape regulation. Out of control 'water guest' shock police? For a large number of passengers, dahuang customs has adopted a series of measures to the passengers. Only curtains on measures, the border police hope that passengers with work. On May 22 in the evening, some netizens showed the futian port stranded the scene has a border police a female guest water will be endangered by them. Witnesses say the officer was knocked to the ground electric stick on the spot. Reporters got a live video. In a video, a woman in black arguing with a man dressed in police uniforms. The woman has been said that 'with what? 'Then the woman right there seems to be a forward movement, the man in uniform and then fell back. Not far from a staff immediately to catch up, and shouted 'help! '' for assaulting a police officer! 'Noise to other staff will subdue the woman immediately. One person familiar with the matter said, the time of events for the day at about 18, police injured head crash to the ground after the 'down', 'the possibility of concussion' is great. The women involved has been the immigration police control. May 23 afternoon, the reporter made contact with shenzhen frontier inspection station. Officials say, is in accordance with the rules in accordance with the investigation, inconvenience response, yet the injured in a stable condition. Each port 'water guest' have to concentrate in futian port the trend of the reporter understands, since 2015, dahuang customs in their dahuang port and futian port keep fighting 'water guest' smuggling high-pressure situation, launch strikes 'water guest' smuggling special operation. Since 2016, only in the futian port has been carried out three times a month of combat smuggling action, seized more than 6500 cases of case, and the strikes began on May 13. Dahuang customs said, 'water guest' smuggling activities in various ports have existed, but have to concentrate in futian port trend in recent years, a quarter of 2016, futian port discovered a total of 6328 cases transferred to the revenue for the daily average of 69. Five, year-on-year growth of 58. 13%, 76 of the total cases of shenzhen customs LvJian channels. 04%. For this event, a passenger said, customs scrutiny: no problem. But want to advance say understand, and should distinguish between fast channel and security as soon as possible. ( Shenzhen evening news)
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