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by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Electric stick through the clothes to work? First of all, we'll look at the principle of electric batons. Electric shock principle using the high voltage generator and more than 40000 volt rechargeable batteries produced severe shock, make offenders to produce a strong electric shock feeling, whole body numb, hypodynamia, instantaneous loss of ability to do evil, electric batons, and the working principle of the high pressure low flow is not cause any harm. When use close to the body or on the other side. Electric batons across the clothes can also play a role and to electricity, let the other side will lose the capacity to be evil! Shandong dong several electric batons in paragraph 1. This is the size of the ordinary flashlight ZD1109 type, electric batons, easy to carry. 2. Type ZD109 cixin electric batons 480 mm long, the front have aluminum spike, is the school factory security personnel such as necessary.
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