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Simple homemade electric circuit diagram - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Simple homemade electric circuit diagram high pressure self-defense electric circuit principle: stick BG1, BG2 and B1 ac, dc converter, electric batons monopoly, B1 booster after the QL bridge rectifier to C2. BG3, BG4 big multivibrator composed of hollow coefficient, it output pulse triggering thyristor three ct5 conduction. Capacitance C2 by 3 ct5 and B2, B3, B4 primary discharge. And B2, B3, B4 each sub facies series nearly thousands of volts output voltage. When the function selection switch K at 1 for the use of lighting the torch. Components selection and production of: transformer B1 in medium wave magnet intercept 20 mm and two piece of each of the 30 mm long, winding coil with epoxy resin glue into buccal glyph on the circular. Each winding data as shown in figure. Do better with E11 form magnetic core. B2, B3, B4 use commercially available XD type 380 v / 6. Level 3 v lamp transformer, first used in reverse, the original six. 3 v secondary parallel to make primary, original 380 v junior secondary together. Attention should be paid to the secondary voltage phase in series connection, the output voltage. BG1 and BG2 beta value should be greater than 60, and as far as possible close to performance. Warm prompt: put the mouse pointer on the image, scroll to dynamically change the picture size, convenient analysis diagram. , electric batons
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