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Sister to pay electric batons electricity cuts are a boyfriend for yourself self-defense

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
19 when about 30 points, 14 years old little summer ride electric car to go home, to the near WeiGang, he unexpectedly retrograde in a non-motor vehicle road. A side street lights dim, little summer listen to song, ride a bike. All of a sudden, little summer saw a electric car, the car has to give way, the results hit together. To is a young man riding a car, sitting in the back seat of his girlfriend xiao li, two people were knocked out of the car and small beautiful injury is heavier. 'I've got a pain in my leg good! 'Small beautiful said to boyfriend x-bin x-bin a look, and sure enough his girlfriend broke a hole on the leg, bloody. In x-bin flay came and asked little summer: 'what are you doing? Retrograde also don't see the front, you how to ride a car? 'As a child little summer by startled and send a mouse. But this attitude angered x-bin, promise him a slap on the face. Little summer immediately called the police. 'Electric batons at that time I just put the party's promise and x-bin two people called to the office to mediate, and x-bin girlfriend sitting alone in the hall. 'Said the policeman. Although little summer only 14 years old, height is 1. 8 m. X-bin says he see little summer, at that time, really don't know it is a minor, 'if only I knew, I'm sure I won't dispute with him. 'Mediation, are little summer father and sister to the police station. Little summer father wang mou at small beautiful swearing, little summer sister xiaojuan unexpectedly from the bag and pulled out a electric batons, suddenly electricity in small beautiful bare arm, small beautiful arm immediately appear a black circle. 'I was beaten by people! 'Small beautiful finally unbearable, make a phone call to accept mediation x-bin upstairs. Electric batons to come from the original is the boyfriend to own self-defense to police did not expect, x-bin parents came into the police station, not only to promise to apologize, also said that the 'small beautiful injury, we took her to the hospital to see, not any responsibility shall be investigated for xiaojuan. 'Say that finish, x-bin left the police station and a small beautiful' electric batons where you come from? 'The police asked xiaojuan. 'In wuhu in college, before one night rental housing, met sex maniac. Later, her boyfriend gave me a piece of electric batons, let me carry for self-defense. 'Said xiaojuan,' electric stick in your bag everyday, never leave, the body has three or four years.
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