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Smoking tobacco: the exhibition in 2013 accessories. Elegant art

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

tobacco online features on (date) (month) (year) Borussia Dortmund system - day Tobac tobacco exposition to exhibitors is big, in addition to the Philippines international, British American tobacco, beauty, habanos is one of the most famous cigarette and cigar company, also brings together the smoking a pipe, hookah, lighters and other accessories in the field of some famous companies. These smoking accessories color rich, also more chic modelling diversity, including some creative design, make this kind of product in the exhibition hall all stand out.

as a pipe culture carry forward, the pipe has a very old and long history. Gubbels company from the Netherlands is such a manufacturer has a long history of the company, the company was founded in years, had made for the Dutch royal pipe, is now one of Europe's largest pipe manufacturer mechanism, its products throughout Europe, America, and South America, Middle East and the far east of the world. The company's main pipe products three series, Big Ben, Bentley, Tinpipe. Big Ben is the earliest a brand, its pipe products handmade fine, as the royal style. The Bentley brand appears later, but also have high quality and exquisite design, mainly based on the stone. Tinpipe is the latest design, a pipe, the pipe designer Nils Thomsen also at the scene of the exhibition. , he said, this pipe is made of rose tree roots, very solid, cigarette holder can rotate, so you can put the whole pipe into a small pods, and at the same time you also can let dou smoke tobacco, etc. , it is convenient to carry. The price of this kind of pipe has been set at the time, stay to the last day of the exhibition will be announced by the local DTZ price, and then began to go on sale.

is also produced a pipe of a famous place in Italy. Italian national characteristic is also reflected in the pipe of enthusiasm, the style of production in general pipe slants big, Italy Lorenzo pipe is a very good representative. From the company's products at the fair show you can feel this, some of the pipe with a long cigarette holder, how cm long, while others are pipe parts seem to be very heavy, but its carving techniques are quite wonderful, pipe and beautiful trees texture. In addition to the traditional bucket, the company also brought unusual mini pipe, and ms pipe, these new products are delicate and cabinet, in order to cater to women and like small pipe of the customer's requirements.
general dou smoke absorption were between the ages of men over the age of, so the dou smoke based mainly all kinds of high quality wood, and even ebony and other expensive wood, which is the identity of the suction pipe smoke in order to match the temperament. Now, also received more and more young people like to dou smoke, as a result, some companies have developed alternative dou smoke, such as made of corn core pipe, nuclear part in the middle of the cut the corn, is a natural pipe. However, this new product is only suitable for young people occasionally play.

in addition, hookah become show a bright scenery. Hookah bottle of bright colors, each hookah bottles like works of art. From the ancient Middle East hookah, competed with new shisha from European countries with different charm. Within the white yurt, three or four people sitting around a hookah smoke, is characteristic of the Middle East? The hookah in general is very big, can a few people together to enjoy, is also the traditional shisha tobacco use. The one hundred - year - old Egyptian Nakhla, the company has been producing this kind of hookah products, and developed a variety of fruit flavors. While from Alqariab company is established, the company is committed to the traditional Middle East hookah into in selling high quality products and the European market, its products are made by the Chinese. The company to bring a new product is Cafe Shisha, its material and parts are stronger, and AL - using high quality MANI sand smoke.

the new mini shisha hookah and for the use of a person, as well as the electronic hookah. E- Is electronic handheld hookah Hose products, this product is using the principle of electronic cigarettes, don't need a hookah bottle, only a hookah, can in his hand, everywhere is not hookah, real but can let a person have experience of hookah. The hookah is very popular with young consumers.
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