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So you are the sky city: weapon props building tell-all! - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
( Abstract] Sky city 'kyushu' set, the new architecture is a world view, in this world, about the buildings, scenes, characters, and even the use of the weapons are design, senior researchers for its efforts to how do? Let's see if you have not seen the sky city! Automatically play kyushu sky city _06 being loaded. 。 。>>> click into tencent video, to watch 'kyushu sky city' tencent entertainment features ( The text/kernel) 'Kyushu sky city' based on the story of 'kyushu' worldview, overhead of time and space, brings a new set of system, it also brings great challenge to visual design team. People living on the rings in the domain of the two communities, feather looks like, what their building, decoration, the style, electric batons, what weapons they use principle, as the first film and television play of 'kyushu' series, designers will do to a previously seen, thought subversive. Visual Lu Beike director for the kyushu sky city visual design concept, should not only assumed the role of architects, decoration designers, and both arms division, flight instruments such as pluralism, fuck broken heart. Props article: why time fly ring power but can small? Some netizens noticed, is also a time flying ring, but a huge power. Feather is with poria cocos easily steal into stars pavilion, as time fly ring just shoot two pin concealed weapon, will guard down. And feather, before the hook up, is really want to secretly freed the easy poria cocos, when discovered by the guards, he again with time flying ring down the two guards, only this time injection is two ball of fire. Lu Beike explained that in the first time when it fly ring this weapon design by two notches attack mode, with a less powerful, namely the audience to see the 'needle', this is equivalent to a kind of anesthesia effect; When after power up, they will shoot a gun like the air shock wave, shake shot would be to fly, but generally not life-threatening. Director lu further explained that at the time of 'kyushu sky city' shape the world view of two kinds of design the system, one is the star liuhua system, one is phlogistic nuclear department; Inflammation nuclear system belongs to hilo-systems civilization and the public the crystallization of the wisdom of human civilization, the audience see in kyushu sky city 'of basic belong to infection in the department of nuclear weapons, using nuclear energy as a drive system. Currently involved in several main weapon props, including time flying ring, the wind winner, Bai Tingjun, feather is three people lock together the stars of cabinet devices serial nuclear mecha, inflammation, and technology, the basis of the entire stars pavilion is phlogistic department of nuclear science and technology. Lu Beike explanation, at present, the audience to see these weapons are mostly not fatal, in fact they can be used to count the stars in the police system of the weapon, you can be understood as the police wearing electric batons, rather than any weapons of mass destruction. But, in fact, stylist designed for the show after some very powerful weapons, in the plot, the audience may have a chance to see. Why do the stars round with the remote control? The second episode, stars presently the main open a large and complex items & # 8212; — Stars round, make easy poria cocos nuclear challenge infection mecha into the enchantment. According to the feather really is introduced, also the stars at the center of the wheel is according to the operation of the nine days the stars rotate law, three of the pinion control outside dish, inescapably, once closed, cannot open outside, this is a classic design of JiShu predecessors. Winner in the wind, however, forced, feather is unexpectedly found a way to open the star wheel rescue yi poria cocos, he designed a model and the stars with a smaller version of the star wheel, wheel, through the manipulation of the mini stars in the form of open the star wheel, door opened the enchantment. This magical remote control, in view of what is a principle of 'kyushu'?
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