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Solid stick unsound: Saint club - the punishments for electric batons Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Solid stick unsound: Saint club issued a 2016 - the punishments for electric batons 05 - 19 18:10:21 solid rod has just joined the Saint put a big moves. Because and fans clashed, Saint club weibo announced the punishments for electric batons. Ah, this is just to join the club will be punished, and I don't know the steady stick in the next can hold! Said for a long time to return to the field of solid rod is finally in today, On May 19) Completed his return to the last step, 11:49 points at noon, Saint club ( The original HYG team) Officer, said in a news release has electric batons into their team name. However, not for long. Just released a tweet on the distance of the Saint was less than three hours, Saint and a tweet let players feel solid stick is really not too! Here are all weibo content: Saint, meaning people of faith, e-sports is our common faith and dream, so the club will always go on the way to protect the beliefs and the pursuit of dreams, the club since its inception, always adhere to the management concept of excellent, rigorous, strict discipline and ethos, so regarding recently Hou Guoyu conflict with fans club players, the club after the verification study and communicate with players make a decision on the following: 1. Players Hou Guoyu 5 - 6 monthly wages and bonuses, and a public apology, error behavior punishment as their own and family members. 2. Team leader/manager 5 monthly wages and the bonus, as the administrative dereliction of duty. EDG club is Saint important partner, the two clubs have maintained friendly relations for a long time, the struggles on the way to pursue their dreams, in this also thank EDG club founded in Saint to give help and support, in the process of fans also hope that more inclusive and our players on the growth path of shortcomings and mistakes, a lot of supervision and give recommendations, the growth of Saint needs everyone's support and attention. Weibo Hou Guoyu player is mentioned in all of us are very familiar with electric batons, electric batons monopoly network, saying he had just joined the club will be punished, electric batons big brother ah, you can be long snacks! ! ! ! Electric batons, in fact, has long been a temper is not very good, you search on the net, there are many events news about a cow electric batons. But now the electric batons have been returning to professional, is a round one of his own dream. Hope in the future career CLP stick can be a bit to restrain his temper, make similar don't happen again. Solid rod, electric batons, you can steady point! ! ! !
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