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Sorching summer beauty travel security - extra attention should be paid to guard against itself Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Sorching summer beauty travel need extra attention to guard against its own security self-defense electric small make up suggest general beautiful girls! We usually learn practice boxing, sanda, fitness shape is no problem to lose weight, but your tripods cat kung fu, rallying a calculate even if you want to talk to rogue is resourceful iron man, also don't recklessly. Generally female muscle strength, flexibility, the body is not used to fight with men by nature. Is not to say that women must beat the man, but in the field of professional fight, even if have time, light heavyweight player don't want to keep up with the play. Judy play like leaf ask tyson, rabbit polar bears, can deal with is the limit, the actual basic dozen however. The best option is to run, so usually insist on running fitness is very important, in addition to lose weight is to keep peace. As for how to run, the problem of returning to IQ. Online said of good, destruction of property of others along the way, pick you up, people fall off cell phones, also is a way. For cold looking, nothing is better than destroying his personal interests can stimulate the engagement. Have you noticed how many reports are concerned to find evidence? Don't fantasy at this time there are heroes on driving the multicolored xiangyun to save you. It & other; Women on a business trip to should take what safety equipment? Self-defense electric batons, Self-defense might) Preferred small delicate appearance, especially easy to carry, convenient to use the same is beauty out essential coyotes artifact!
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