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by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
This web site sales have the advantage of police tear injector, small volume and facilitating moving, than use batons, electric batons, self-defense electric batons, electric batons lower damage will not cause long-term damage to the suspect, can attack the distance is greater than the batons, and tear operating advantages such as easy to get started. To better play its effectiveness, a line of police in policing practice should always carry out & other; Rational, peaceful, civilized, specification & throughout; Law enforcement idea, follow controlling, strict procedures, classification in accordance with the applicable, such as strengthening effect principle, according to take decisions, make distance, command warning, optimum machine injection, observation, problems arising from secondary control, treatment of steps and the technical essentials and implementation of the specification to give full play to control the situation and ensure the safety of law enforcement effect quickly. Police tear injector ( Can also be referred to as the said pepper spray and tear gas, pepper spray, etc. ) In 2006, the Ministry of Public Security issued by the public security single police equipment is equipped with standard ', explicitly as the public security police equipment, equipped with type will match, expel, uniform line. To uniform or stop of the ongoing illegal and criminal activities, to disperse the riot crowd and make a safe distance to ensure the safety of the police, and so on. Police self-defense electric batons, tear since injector has the advantages of the above, but use a line of police at the grassroots level is not high, so that allocation of police tear injector for long-term and unmanned use expired or police will not be damaged, use the author illustrate a police state of tear injector in the effective use of police actual combat, focus on a line of police at the grass-roots level of police tear injector & other; Available, can use, dare to use, careful & throughout; The problem.
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