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South Korean media said Lao security personnel to demand an apology - Korean reporter wave electric batons Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
【 The web reporter xiao-fei li 】 According to South Korea 'central daily' reported on July 26, the south Korean foreign ministry official Laos security guards to south Korean press corps to interview the DPRK foreign minister talks with electric batons of protest. 12 PM on the 25th, the south Korean press corps for China's foreign minister wang yi and her north Korean counterpart, the talks will interviewed. South Korean press corps follow will ask 'why often missile' problems, such as electric batons, will this silence, with all my heart to the venue, and south Korean press corps is trying to close to him, to interview him. Report says, at the gate of the venue will reach the two security guards suddenly Laos to south Korean press corps with electric batons, with some reporters rod but ten centimeters apart at that time, the situation is very dangerous. South Korea's foreign ministry spokesman office after learned to Laos foreign ministry has protested, Laos to apologize, and put an end to such events happening again. Preliminary editor: editor: system recommended reading for more 【 More news, electric batons, please download the 'shandong 24 hours' news client or subscribe to the shandong mobile news 】 【 Shandong mobile news subscription: mobile/telecom/unicom users send text messages respectively SD to 10658000/106558000678/106597009 】
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