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by:Tianwang     2020-07-17

guangzhou DE LiXin lighter co. , LTD. , produce all kinds of lighters, there are hundreds of varieties of high school low-grade complete style novel, bright color, reliable quality, is the production of bulk and finished product and equipment large cigarette lighter manufacturers.
our company is an enterprise specializing in the production of various types of cigarette lighters. Day production more than ten thousand lighters, output value of ten thousand yuan. This company mainly produces electronic plastic lighters, lettering, disposable lighters, lighter with lamp projection lighters, advertising lighters, lighter. Can be customized to sample. We from print to confirm production for the customer design and production, one-stop services, until customer satisfaction. Rubber paint lighters. Products favored by customers. Welcome to inquire!
at home and abroad, our factory has a lot of sales and order is qualitative brands and products the company has many years of development history, has a strong technical team to develop new products. And a strong sales team, at the same time, set up a relatively perfect quality management system and sales service management system, currently in the stage of rapid development. Company's products fashionable variety, stable quality, reasonable price, and timely delivery, can provide customers with free design, proofing and provide samples.
the current production of varieties of disposable lighters, lighter parts, lighter equipment, high-grade metal lighters, advertising lighters, advertisement pen etc. For all over the country more than ten thousand hotels, restaurants, wineries, tobacco companies, advertising gift companies and real estate developers and other customers to provide quality products and satisfactory service.
warm quality services meet your needs at any time, free design, proofing to the customers. For the national more than six thousand hotels, restaurants, Carla, sauna leisure center, bar, Internet cafes, such as alcohol and tobacco dealers customers to provide satisfactory products and satisfactory service. Company in line with the principle of 'customer first, honesty first', with a number of enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation. Warmly welcome the friends to visit and negotiate business gold hundred million lighter achievement of your dreams.
this company specialized production and sales all kinds of plastic lighters, advertising machine, and the fan. Advertising lighters to printing company as required and propaganda, address phone such as text, as well as advertising can give customers. Apply to the winery, hotel, restaurant, teahouse, foot bath, chess, volume, clubs, fitness, entertainment venues and other related industries advertising promotional gifts.
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